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Hairstyles for Women with Diamond Faces

A diamond face is defined as a face with a narrow forehead and jawline, but wide, high cheekbones. When choosing a hairstyle to go with a diamond-shaped face, your goal should be to achieve a balance in your narrow chin, minimize the width of your cheeks, and give you an overall shorter appearance. Here are a few good strategies that women with diamond faces employ:

  • A chin-length bob or a shoulder-length, kicked-out look can serve to add width to the area around your chin.
  • Look for a style that tucks in behind your ears to show off the good structure in your cheekbones.
  • If you’re wearing bangs, go for a straight-across look. This helps to shorten the appearance of a long face.
  • If you’re wearing a part, go for a side part. A middle part will add unneeded length to your face.
  • Avoid a short style that has height on top, which make your face look longer. Preferably, you should have hair down around your neck. If you’re going for a shorter length, wear bangs.

Talk to our Bellevue hair salon for further help finding just the right style for your face shape.

Hairstyles for Women with Triangular Faces

A triangular face is defined as a face wherein the forehead and cheekbones are narrow, but the jawline is wide. If you have a triangular face, it is in your best interest to favor hairstyles that encourage the appearance of narrowness in your chin while broadening your forehead. To accomplish this, consider the following tips:

  • A layered hairstyle is a good choice, as it can help to balance out and soften a prominent jaw line. In particular, try creating layers that that taper at the level of the jaw.
  • Short looks are better than long looks.
  • A middle part serves to divide the top of your face into two long, narrow portions and foster the appearance of length.
  • Avoid a hairstyle which draws attention to the chin area, such as a straight and solid bob cut.
  • Bangs that fall forward over the forehead are working against you, as they make your face look shorter and wider.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a look to suit your triangular face, you can count on Geena Moon’s Bellevue hair salon.

Hairstyles for Women with Heart-Shaped Faces

Faces that are wide at the forehead and cheekbones, but narrow at the jawline, are known as heart-shaped faces. When looking for the right hairstyle, your object should be to add length to your face while fostering the appearance of width around your chin. What follows are some strategies that serve this goal:

  • Textured, chin-length cuts are your best friend.
  • If you want to wear bangs, a soft, side-swept look is most favorable. These can act to accent your eyes and draw attention away from a pointy chin. Blunt-cut bangs make your face appear shorter and wider, which is only working against you.
  • A shoulder-length cut with wispy layers may also be a strong option. Try pairing this with some height on top.
  • Deep side parts can emphasize your cheekbones and open the face up.
  • Avoid short hairstyles or a slicked-back look that emphasizes your upper face.

For more help coming up with just the right hairstyle for your own heart-shaped face, consult the stylists at our Bellevue hair salon.

Balayage at Geena Moon Hair Salon in Bellevue

The Beauty of Balayage

Balayage has been around for years and yet only when top movie stars and models started the trend, it became a do-able hair color trend. It has become a most in-demand color treatment in many salons all over the world. People love its natural soft flow through the hair, as though sun-kissed, as if not really applied color. A great balayage process is an expert mix of color sets that brings out the final color matching the skin tone and highlighting the features of the wearer.

It’s a freehand technique that depends on skill. It differs from using foils that otherwise give clear-cut highlights. The technique is just to apply the color on the surface of hair and not needing to saturate strands through and through until the ends. Color blends well even if you start having re-growth of new hair. You wear the color longer and just need to protect it from harsh shampoos, treatments or heating. It’s great-looking on long or short hair, except for cropped hair, and on light or dark colored hair of varying textures.

Go Balayage at our Bellevue Hair Salon

Geena offers full or partial Balayage color and cut treatments at her hair salon in Bellevue. Set your appointment with Geena, who can advise you properly as to the combination and style that will look most flattering and natural with your skin tone and facial features. Though the treatment may be a bit pricey for those stunning results, Geena also offers foil color treatment and cut.

Deep-conditioning Treatment in Bellevue

When do I know I need deep conditioning?

There are a lot of things out there that can cause damage to hair. Though healthy hair is supposedly strong and resilient, it can only take so much beating from the natural elements and the things we subject it to.

Does you hair feel dry and brittle? It can be due to too much sun and wind exposure, the winter season, chlorine immersion, wearing hats and scarves, smoking, poor diet and lack of vitamins, blow drying, and the endless bevy of hair treatments. And does your hair break easily or split at the tips? Same causes apply.

Hair has lost its elasticity, lacking moisture that enables hair to stretch when it is stressed. Sometimes, you try to rejuvenate your hair troubles by home remedies, and they are many. But they don’t always work for your hair. Too much moisture or too much protein can leave hair too stiff or too mushy.

It’s about time you see your stylist for some real, professional deep conditioning.

Leave it to a Professional

Geena Moon would tell you that deep conditioning is a preventive measure, being a part of your hair care routine. In other words, regular trips to your stylist may do your hair more good than letting things get out of hand, and ending up fretting with troubled hair at a salon, demanding a fix. Healthy hair just doesn’t happen.

Your professional stylist in Bellevue will surely know what deep conditioning your hair needs, how regular the treatment should be depending on your hair condition. Stay faithful to it for year-round healthy hair.

Hairstyles for Women with Oval Faces

The shape of your face should always be taken into consideration when you are considering a hairstyle, as a properly-planned style can bring out the positive attributes of your particular shape.

An oval face is exactly what it sounds like: a face that has a roughly oblong-circular appearance. If you think that you might have an oval face, measure both the length and width of your face. The length of an oval face is roughly equal to one and a half times the width, and the width of your forehead should be about the same as that of your haw.

Should you determine that you have an oval face, the news is good. This is generally the easiest shape to complement with a hairstyle. You should probably find that just about anything you try will look good on you. Simply consider what it is about your particular face that you want to accentuate, and experiment with different ways to bring these attributes out. Avoid anything that hangs over your eyes or covers your face up too much.

Consult Geena Moon and visit her hair salon in Bellevue for more advice on how to style your hair.

Hot Colors for the Cold Season

Some women find that their skin tone changes slightly from season to season. Since your hair is unlikely to change along with it, it pays to adjust your dyes to complement your changing look. Making the shift one or two shades warmer is a pretty good bet. If you’re looking for something new to try, consider one of these four hot colors for the winter:

  • The New Bottle Blonde: Worn by the likes of Beyoncé and Kate Hudson, this is a warm and golden blonde look that goes well with many complexions.
  • Electric Auburn: Are you a brunette? Give yourself a warmer, richer undertone with this look. You can see this look put to good use on Rihanna.
  • Rose Copper: This subtly pink variation on the redhead look can be seen on the likes of Rumer Willis and Jessica Chastain.
  • 18Multifaceted Platinum: A fascinating middle ground between golden blonde and platinum grey, this look goes beautifully with a snowy winter aesthetic. It is worn by celebrities like Julianne Hough and Rita Ora.

Talk to Geena at our Bellevue hair salon for more tips on how to get the best out of your hair this holiday season.

How Often Should You Shampoo Your Hair?

Some people will tell you that shampooing every day is one of the worst things you can do for your hair. After all, shampooing removes all of the natural oil from your hair, bringing about a dry and dull appearance. Meanwhile, your hair is more fragile when wet; rubbing your hair dry or brushing it fresh out of the shower stretches it out and causes breakage. So, how often should you be shampooing?

The common wisdom is that you should shampoo only about twice a week. However, the answer is generally not as easy as this. Different people have different needs; some can go for a while without shampooing, while others may in fact do well to wash every day.

It may take some trial and error to determine your ideal schedule. Try washing once every few days for a while, keeping in mind that your scalp may need to adjust itself. After all, if it is used to being shampooed every day, it may be over-producing oil for a while and giving you a greasier appearance than necessary. Consult our Bellevue hair salon for further help taking care of your hair.

What is Balayage?

Balayage is a coloring technique coming to us from the salons of France. First developed back in the 1970’s, it remains one of the most popular requests in salons today. It is a freehand technique, wherein the stylist applies the dyes to your hair by hand rather than with traditional foiling or cap-related highlighting techniques.

The main benefit of balayage is its versatility. You can get a wide variety of effects, including both soft, natural highlights and bold, punky colorations. Many women are also drawn to how economical and low-maintenance it is. After a well-done treatment, you can expect to not have a clear line of regrowth; therefore, even if you can’t go back in for another coloring for another month, you will not look ridiculous.

Following your balayage treatment, you should not experience any more drying in your hair than you might expect from a traditional foiling technique. Wash your treated hair with salon professional shampoos and conditioners to continue to assure that your hair looks its best.

Most women can enjoy a balayage treatment, though it works better with certain types of hair. It can be used on very short hairdos, though it is most ideal for long, flowing hair that falls below the shoulders. It is best for use on natural hair, though a good color specialist can make use of foils to accommodate your hair type or color history. In any case, be sure to use an experienced salon professional; contact Geena Moon Hair Salon in Bellevue for more information.

The Healthy Way to Dry Your Hair

Tips on Drying your Hair

If you’re treating your hair right, it’s probably getting wet fairly regularly. After all, this is the only way you’re going to be able to wash, condition, and hydrate. Unfortunately, for as long as your hair is wet, it is going to be all the more vulnerable to damage. This is why it is important to practice a proper, gentle drying technique.

Hair Drying Techniques

The first thing to realize is that you should avoid over-applying heat to your hair. This serves to dry out your hair, and even burn it in some cases. With this in mind, try to limit your use of a hair dryer.

Try towel-drying your hair, using a patting motion instead of a rubbing motion. This will take more time, but will keep your hair from breaking off. Some use microfiber hair towels or even a cotton t-shirt to minimize hair damage during the process.

Air drying is also a good choice, though you will need to be mindful of your hair until it is dry. This means you will need to avoid brushing your hair for as long as it is wet. If you absolutely need to brush following your shower, you should consider using a shower cap.

More Tips from our Bellevue Hair Salon

Contact Geena for a hair consultation or ask her during your appointment on different techniques and methods to keep your healthy and scalp healthy during the cold seasons.

Caring For Your Scalp

Weak and Thin Hair

Do you find that a lot of your hair is coming in weak and thin? There are numerous potential causes for such a development, and some of them easier to deal with than others. If you’re like many people, you may simply need to take better care of your scalp.

Scalp Health

Though you probably are accustomed to shampooing your hair regularly, fostering a healthy head of hair also means regular upkeep of the skin that the hair grows out of. Product residues, dead skin cells, and other grime can build up on your scalp, leading to clogged hair follicles which can impede the growth of your hair. You can clear away this build-up by applying a quality astringent to your scalp about once a week, then shampooing as normal. Check out your local drugstore to find a product that works for you.

Hair Consultation at our Bellevue Hair Salon

For additional help getting the best out of your hair, come to Geena Moon. Our hair salon in Bellevue can give you the strong, healthy, and attractive hair that you deserve.

Natural Products at our Bellevue Hair Salon

Partners for Healthy Hair

Believing in natural, organic products that are also sustainable, Geena Moon subscribes to certified healthy formulations in her hair treatments. A major name in her line-up of hair products is that of LOMA, a family-owned business based in Washington that’s been in the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality hair care systems for over 25 years.

Loma Hair Products at Geena Moon Bellevue Hair Salon

LOMA hair products are certified aloe vera gel based with it well-known healing and hair-growing properties. Geena Moon loves their fragrant moisturizing and nourishing shampoos and conditioners and their styling gels and creams. Imperative in Geena’s repertoire is LOMA’s Fortifying Repairative Tonic which catalyzes hair color, and the Nourishing Oil Treatment, an anti-oxidant and thermal protector.

LOMA products have an excellent safety profile. They do not incorporate paraben in their formulas that are product life-extenders linked to breast tumors and fertility concerns. They also have gluten- free products. Also, Geena goes for LOMA’s sulfate-free shampoos that do not strip hair of essential oils and color pigments, and their other sodium chloride-free hair products that yields softer hair and are kinder to the scalp.

Healthy Hair Products

While the beauty market is so saturated with hair products with claims ranging from tame to tantalizing, fundamental to fantastic, Geena chooses the natural, organic path to hair wellness for her clients’ safety and well-being. She and LOMA are of the same philosophy that hair care should be natural, safe, and sustainable.

Sleeping Habits That Damage Hair

Nightly Hair Habits

Did you know that certain things you do while sleeping can cause damage to your hair? Yes, there are seemingly harmless habits you are up to that unmindfully may be harmful to your hair. Consider the following.

You are using pillowcases made up of materials other than silk. Be a silk or satin sleeper. Preserve your hair while sleeping. Tossing and turning on a smooth surface allows hair to glide – not get roughed up. You can place the hair in a loose bun, wrap it with a silk/satin scarf, or sleep with a silk/satin pillowcase. It might seem over-cautious to switch up your bedding, but regardless of your hair texture, breakage can happen to anyone.

If you feel better going to bed after brushing your teeth, then brushing your hair before sleeping applies, too. Brushing the hair before bed distributes the natural oils of the hair and conditions it while you sleep. Keep brushing to a minimum, certainly not the 100 strokes beauty myth. Too much of anything can ruin hair.

Wash, dry, and style your hair before going to bed. It’s not only refreshing but it conditions your hair as well. If your hair is smooth and sleek hair, wrap it at the nape and around the head; secure with bobby pins. For curly or wavy hair, twist your hair nice and tight into a topknot, securing on the highest point of the head. Use a fabric hair tie to secure it instead of elastics. The next morning, simply unravel and apply a little serum to style.

Do you go to bed with wet hair? Experts say it’s ultimately a bad idea. When the hair is wet, its elasticity is loosened, which makes it easier to snap and break. It also causes friction and can create tangles in the hair.

Hair regenerates while we sleep, just like our skin. Use those sleeping hours with your hair in an overnight masque. Comb it through the hair, pulling longer pieces into a loose bun. To protect your sheets, toss a towel or old clothing over the pillowcase. Do choose a masque designed for periodic overnight treatment only, not a regular conditioner which may have ingredients not suitable for prolonged application.

Learning Good Hair Habits in Bellevue

Learn more about caring for your locks while you sleep. Certain good habits can be relearned. You won’t forget our easy, helpful tips when you come visit us at Geena Moon’s hair salon in Bellevue.

Best Foods for Growing Healthy Hair

Amazing Hair Benefits of Everyday Foods

Keratin is a tough protein in cells found in hair and they need to be constantly nourished with minerals and vitamins to make your hair long and strong. There are amazing superfoods that can do these to your hair. You just have to make a daily habit of them!

Protein is the hair’s building block, because that’s what hair is made of. Be sure you get your fair share of protein, and eggs are a top choice. You also need biotin to produce more protein and this vitamin is required for cell proliferation. Whole grains, and nuts like almonds, are rich in biotin.

Iron is an essential mineral that your hair cells require. Spinach and other dark leafy vegetables , like Swiss chard and broccoli, provide your iron. They also contain vitamin A and C. If you are deficient in iron, your hair roots and follicles do not get sufficient oxygen and nutrients, and that can weaken your strands and inhibit hair growth.

Add citrus fruits to your diet for vitamin C. Vitamin C is for the production of collagen needed by capillaries that connect to the hair shafts, ensuring regular supply of nutrients. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant that strengthens the hair shaft and hair follicles, as well as prevents breakage. Lime and oranges are good sources, though yellow bell peppers have almost five and a half times more vitamin C than oranges.

Omega-3 fatty acids nourish the hair and support thickening and you have to have a diet rich in these as your body cannot produce them. Go for nuts and seeds like almonds, walnuts, flaxseeds also have seafood like salmon, sardines and mackerel.

Vitamin A is required for the growth of every hair cell. It helps the scalp produce the natural sebum oil which keeps scalp and the roots healthy to boost hair growth. Drink carrot juice and eat sweet potatoes. Choose foods loaded with beta carotene over supplementing with high doses of vitamin A.

Another hair growth super food is avocado, rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E improves blood circulation and helps the follicles work more efficiently to promote hair growth. It also maintains the oil and ph levels balance of the scalp so that clogging doesn’t happen, otherwise it can stunt hair growth. Also, avocados contain high concentrations of essential fatty acids. Another rich vitamin E source is sunflower seeds.

Giving Healthy Hair Advice in Bellevue

Know more about amazing hair growth foods at Geena Moon’s salon in Bellevue. Have a great hair day eating these healthy super foods, and grow your hair long, strong and amazing.

Balayage at Hair Salon in Bellevue

The Beauty of Balayage

Balayage has been around for years and yet only when top movie stars and models started wearing it did it gain a huge following. It has become a most in-demand colour treatment in many salons all over the world. People love its natural soft flow through the hair, as though sun-kissed, as if not really applied colour. A great balayage treatment is an expert mix of color sets that brings out the final color matching the skin tone and highlighting the features of the wearer.
It’s a freehand technique that depends on skill. It differs from using foils that otherwise give clear-cut highlights. The technique is just to apply the color on the surface of hair and not needing to saturate strands through and through until the ends. Color blends well even if you start having re-growth of new hair. You wear the color longer and just need to protect it from harsh shampoos, treatments or heating. It’s great-looking on long or short hair, except for cropped hair, and on light or dark colored hair of varying textures.

Go Balayage with Expert in Bellevue Hair Salon

Geena Moon offers full or partial Balayage colour and cut treatments at her hair salon in Bellevue. Set your appointment with the expert who can advise you properly as to the combination and style that will look most flattering and natural with your skin tone and facial features. Though the treatment may be a bit pricey for those stunning results, Geena also offers foil colour treatment and cut that might be more affordable.

The Art of Japanese Thermal Straightening in Bellevue

The Search for the Perfect Straight Hair

If you have always lived and worked with straight hair, then you might be well familiar with all manner of hair straightening methods in the market. There must have been a time of salon-hopping in your search for that perfect straight hair, the best expert on it, and the best value for money.

You might have your favorite salon by now but do they do the Japanese Thermal method?
The Japanese Thermal Straightening will give you silky smooth straight hair that is permanent and needing no re-application except for new hair growths at the roots. Hair is perfectly pin-straight and low-maintenance. You’ll love your new hair’s glossy, frizz-free look that will last you a good 8 to 10 months or even up to one year.

It’s because this method uses heat to permanently seal hair shaft bonds in place after chemical treatment. Sometimes it is referred to as thermal reconditioning and might be pricier than other similar treatments owing to its longer term benefits.

Being safe with Japanese Thermal Treatment

Geena Moon, of the popular Geena Moon Hair Salon in Bellevue, is an expert in this application. She is one of the first practitioners of this system in the area and has many happy clients over the years attesting to her skill. Japanese Thermal is a delicate procedure that, if done incorrectly or if the stylist is inexperienced, may damage the hair.

It remains one of Geena Moon’s most requested treatments at her salon in Bellevue, while she continues to train in new techniques and brings in quality systems and products for her clients.

Fall Hair Colors 2020: What The Stylists Say About The Stars’ Pick Part 2

More Celebrities Wearing Their Colors

Black and Almost-Black

Black hair and dark browns are classic colors that hold their own year in, year out. They appear fuller and shine like glass, such as worn by American actress, Constance Wu. Actress and singer Herizen Guardiola’s rounded curls are trending. Her color is one-shade and free of highlight, an almost-black hue making her curls look even fuller. Her curls’ natural dimension is good for her skin. Certain skin tones don’t need to go super black just for the hair. It’s always easy to go darker gradually than going too dark and hoping it lightens later. To keep an almost-black shade looking fresh, and not faded, stick with a sulfate-free shampoo, or for an added boost for dark brown, try a gloss.

Red Velvet

Red is a color that looks great on every skin tone, not too warm or too cool, working with all complexions. Such as Keke Palmer’s. Lana Del Rey’s red fades fast and requires more maintenance, Using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner in between hair appointments is recommended. Ariel Winter’s redhead is fun and vibrant for those who want to level up the auburn style. Negativity towards red is losing ground soon.

Smoky Ice

Model Dilone wears the icy silver hair trend down the runway, her ashy hair totally in for 2020. The hue works on all skin tones, including ultra-fair. The look can either go light or dark, as model Jourdan Dunn did for the 2016 Met Gala. Though this is a wig, if you’re planning on a full-on dye on your dark hair, this is a low-maintenance pick because the roots are close to your natural color. Kim Kardashian loved her cool-toned version as seen on her Instagram. It looks great to keep even when roots start growing back in. For warmer skin tones, icy beige looks great.

Subtle Dimension

This hue plays on blogger Michelle Madsen. It’s an all-over color with multifaceted tones and hues – the colors are dimensional but extremely subtle. The color provides movement and reflects differently throughout the entire look. Keri Russell’s brunette hair has those same subtle highlights in a different color family. The base shade is darker than her natural color, which provides a sultry contrast. Rachel Brosnahan went for an all-over blonde with a very subtle dimension, making it look like she was born with it. Her natural color, though, is dirty blonde.

High-Contrast Color

It’s called ‘Chanel Color’, an updated high-contrast. Some of the hair goes darker than natural and some lighter to create contrast. This face-framing highlight style is on beauty vlogger Jamie Genevieve. It can be high maintenance, but the look kills. Chrissy Teigen’s blonde highlights brighten around her face and provide the same bold look with a lot less maintenance.

It works in any color family. It also looks stellar on curly hair, like on beauty vlogger Lisette. Hair tone can be adjusted to cool or warm depending on skin tone. The most flattering shades are when the tones are kept in the same family. Examples are: a copper base with golden highlights or rich golden brown with honey highlights.


Fall Hair Colors 2020: What The Stylists Say About The Stars’ Pick

How Celebrities Wear Their Colors

Bold Roots

British songwriter Dua Lipa sports one of 2020’s hottest hair-color trends, giving hair more edge. She just lets her roots grow naturally, requiring minimal effort. It’s much less maintenance and easy to get the look, since the salons are closed. Kristen Stewart’s two-toned hair combines contrasting colors of deep brunette and bright blonde which just blend perfectly with her messy pixie cut. Margot Robbie also goes for dark roots, but her brunette roots gradually fade into a sunny blonde, looking almost like an intentional ombré. She loves the single process and its bright effects.

The Chocolate Truffle

It’s a mixing of two shades of brown, combining warmer and cooler brunette tones together. Priyanka Chopra’s shade is a happy medium. The chocolate pieces around her face and throughout her hair complement her warmer skin tone while the truffle base enhances her deeper, cooler eye color. Korean-American actress, Jamie Chung, has touches of golden brown and just a little blonde at the tips framing her face. It isn’t dark all over. Cindy Crawford has tones that are diffused together to make a subtle transition rather than a harsh contrast. It uses a highlighting technique that makes the roots appear darker, while bringing more lightness around her face and jaw line.

The Wheat Blonde

Blake Lively is blonde, a signature color for years and she’s keeping it consistent at a medium tone. It’s neutral with a hint of warmth, still bright and not at all dull. medium tone. Instagram influencer Stephanie Brown’s version includes very subtle highlights all around with slightly darker roots. It doesn’t have a huge contrast, just lots of dimension and edge. Streaky, in the best possible way, is what describes Jennifer Lopez’s wheat blonde. Light brown is the overall base with sections of bright blonde, done in streaks.

Orchard Red

Emma Stone’s a natural blonde, but orchard red, has become her signature hair-color. Unlike strawberry blonde, it’s deeper, redder, and has a glimpse of copper tone that pairs well with the actress’s pale skin and green eyes. Another redhead is Julian Moore. Her version of orchard is a more auburn red – darker, richer and more opaque – than Emma Stone’s. It gives a more rosy glow to Moore’s pinker, warmer skin tone. Jessica Chastain’s shade of red complements her cooler skin tone and Old Hollywood waves. It is not too dark for a dramatic effect but it does shine in the sunlight.

The Strawberry Blonde

It’s a shade of red that’s on the lighter side. Isla Fisher, Australian actress and author, likes this eye-catching combination of blonde and red. It’s a low-maintenance shade that allows a lot of flexibility in intensity. Typically blonde, Nicole Kidman is stunning in a strawberry hue where it starts very blonde at the roots and gets coppery towards the ends. It flatters her blue eyes. Naturally brunette Rachel McAdams is often seen as blonde, but when she went for strawberry shade, it brightened her skin.