Caring For Your Scalp

Weak and Thin Hair

Do you find that a lot of your hair is coming in weak and thin? There are numerous potential causes for such a development, and some of them easier to deal with than others. If you’re like many people, you may simply need to take better care of your scalp.

Scalp Health

Though you probably are accustomed to shampooing your hair regularly, fostering a healthy head of hair also means regular upkeep of the skin that the hair grows out of. Product residues, dead skin cells, and other grime can build up on your scalp, leading to clogged hair follicles which can impede the growth of your hair. You can clear away this build-up by applying a quality astringent to your scalp about once a week, then shampooing as normal. Check out your local drugstore to find a product that works for you.

Hair Consultation at our Bellevue Hair Salon

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