These Summer Hair Colors Are Awesome for 2021

Standout Sunshine Hair Colors

It’s summertime and the new season calls for something new. The new season is looking for a new look and what better way than to go for a hair color change. While last year had its popular trends, this year’s trends are departures or come with surprising twists. With more mobility and activities around, more experimenting with colors are seen. Summer colors are fresh, gorgeous, and low-maintenance. Here they are:

Money Piece Highlights are so named because they are a time-saver and cost-effective coloring process. Any shade of highlights is ok, but mostly seen are blonde, pink or red. Face-framing sections are head-turners.

Copper is great for summer – goldish red and brown shine! They can be integrated into your current color with highlights and lowlights. It makes your face glow. You can also try dyeing your locks all copper.

Pastel hues this year will have some unexpected shades. Though some are classics, like rose-inspired hues, there are other playful pastels like soft peach tones, mint green, and icy blue.

Caramel’s sweet shade of brown looks great on all hair types. The color choice adds warmth to the strands and is perfect when mixed with other tones. Another similar color like this is almond.

Creamy Platinum gives hair the best of both worlds: a cool-toned blonde with the warmth and creaminess of a honey blonde shade. However, only the right products can result in fresh-looking hues without leaving brassy or yellow tones.

Mutitone Blonde is different shades of blonde that creates a beautiful blend that can be described as another unique color. It’s very summery and a major inspiration for the new season.

Grainy Golden reflects the most light, leaving a lot of shimmer on the hair. And who wouldn’t like sparklers in their hair in the summertime. Gold tones are very popular, just like stepping out of a salon after an ultra shine.


Getting Your Summer Color in Bellevue

Don’t let summer pass you by without getting any of the trending colors mentioned. Make your appointment soon at Geena Moon, your favorite hair salon in Bellevue.