2021 Summer Color Inspirations for Brunettes

Color Ideas for Brunettes

If you’re a brunette, you can have lots of fun with the new hair colors trending this summer. With these options, brunettes can dish those misconceptions that say brown hair is boring and only light colors work for summer. Celebrity colorists are saying these are the trending brunette hair colors, along with tips on how to maintain them.

Ombré highlights on brunette hair is the best because it stays true to the color without going too blonde, for example, caramel and honey highlights. It mimics natural hair and so it is one of those hues that will never go away in style. Experts advise that to keep the colors from fading, use color-safe shampoo and conditioner that are sulfate-free and acidic to keep hair balanced.

Red tones are great hues for the summer because they are warm tones that match the climate. It’s also head-turning, vibrant, wearable daily, and fades out beautifully. To care for this look, use color-safe products, especially if you will use heat to style or go out for periods under the sun.

Chunky highlights, which are a hit in the 90’s, are trending again. The look is iconic and tends towards nostalgia. To maintain the look, invest in a blow dryer that doesn’t rely on wind power and pressure to dry hair.

Sun-kissed Balayage can either be honey blonde or caramel highlights on a brown base. The lighter hue is painted onto the hair to create a natural-blended highlight effect. It tends to accentuate your facial features, creates dimension to hair, and is super low maintenance. Use extra gloss to keep it shiny and healthy-looking.

The Money Piece Highlight is really a cost-effective choice though many celebrities are favoring it. It brightens the look without having to have your entire head of hair highlighted. Experts however say that it becomes important to take care of your hair health because the chemical processing can be damaging. This may happen whenever you add any bright blonde shade to dark hair. Choose a formula that hydrates and puts in shine and smoothness.

Mushroom Brown or Sandy Brown is for brunettes who want to stick to cool undertones for summer. It combines earthy brown as the primary color with ashy gray or creamy highlights to bring it to life. The finished look is subtle, stunning, and simple.


Getting Your New Summer Look in Bellevue

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