Summer Care for Hair: The Chlorine Dilemma

Countering the Negative Effects

So you expect to do a lot of swimming this summer. You must know that a day of dipping into a chlorine pool can do some damage to your hair. Chlorine protects swimmers from harmful bacteria that can grow in swimming pools. However, if you soak too long in the water, it can take its toll on your skin and hair. Experts say you have to prepare your hair to save yourself from being sorry that you have ruined your locks. Here are some helpful tips.

Know your hair type. Some hair types are more prone to extreme dryness and tangling. Chlorine in water strips hair of their natural oils, leaving your hair dry and brittle. The curlier and tighter your hair pattern, the more dry and tangled it becomes due to chlorine. That’s because curls are naturally drier than straight or wavy hair.

Be ready before you jump in. Prepare your hair by putting on a rich conditioner or a leave-on conditioner and detangling your hair strands as hair absorbs chlorine. Also, chlorine can turn blonde hair into a greenish color, initiating chemical reactions which accelerate under UV light. UV rays mixed with chlorine can cause hair protein oxidation which weakens hair strands and causes split ends. A good conditioner limits chlorine penetration as it acts as a water repellant. Using a swim cap adds more protection.

When you are done with swimming, wash with a clarifying shampoo. As soon as possible, rinse, shampoo, detangle, and reapply conditioner to your hair. Use a sulfate-free clarifying shampoo which is not harsh.

Condition well. Go for a moisturizing deep conditioner. If you have curly hair or a coily pattern, you will need to continue adding more moisture to your hair for the next few days. Remember that even natural hair is not exempt from the negative effects of chlorine.


Learning More About Hair Care in Bellevue

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