Understanding the Effects of UV Exposure on Hair

Helpful Tips for Healthy Summer Hair

Did you know that UV effects of the sun can cause damage to your hair? Like most people who enjoy the beach, doing all sorts of water activities, including sunbathing, you would go to great lengths to protect your skin. Even with lots of sunscreen on, you overlook that part of you that also needs protection – your hair.

According to experts in hair and scalp care treatments, a lot of damage happens to hair exposed to extended UV radiation. Your hair fibers weaken, become brittle, dry, and lose color. As the sun beats down on your hair, fibers break down, as well as the color. The result is rough-textured hair and lackluster appearance.

Keratin, a major component of hair, is lost on prolonged sun exposure. Radiation breaks it down, leading to fibers thinning and weakening and resulting in more regular snapping and breaking. Your scalp will also be affected. Extended burning of your scalp will actually damage the hair follicles. While your hair will always grow back and the fiber will replace itself, the damage to the scalp from burning under the sun can be painful and uncomfortable. The effects can be long-lasting, even irreparable. Your scalp can be very sensitive – to touch, brushing and hair treatments. It may also lead to skin cancer.

Can you minimize the effects of UV radiation on your hair?

Yes, and there are different ways. Normally, wearing a hat can shut out most of the radiation. You can use hair products with built-in SPF, which protects the scalp and the hair. There are hair oil products that contain essential oils, like sunflower seeds, safflower, avocado, jojoba, and coconut. Use sesame oil which acts as a natural UV filter. Products with castor oil add shine. They both can prevent salt and chlorine from staying on to your hair.

Use conditioner to bring back moisture to your hair after UV exposure. Choose sulfate-free, silicone-free, and paraben free conditioner. Hydrating conditioners with essential oils and vitamins are also helpful. Hair creams that are nourishing, prevent breakage, and control frizz also provide sun protection before you go under the sun.

Minimize your hair’s exposure to sea water and pool water. They make your hair vulnerable to UV radiation, altering the proteins in your hair. Be sure to wash your hair clean as soon as possible after you are done with your beach or pool activities. You can also use a hair mask as additional protection.


More Sun Protection Tips for Hair in Bellevue

Learn more about sun protection for your hair, especially this summer. Before you hit the beach, see Gina Moon, your favorite hair salon in Bellevue for more tips.