Natural Products at our Bellevue Hair Salon

Partners for Healthy Hair

Believing in natural, organic products that are also sustainable, Geena Moon subscribes to certified healthy formulations in her hair treatments. A major name in her line-up of hair products is that of LOMA, a family-owned business based in Washington that’s been in the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality hair care systems for over 25 years.

Loma Hair Products at Geena Moon Bellevue Hair Salon

LOMA hair products are certified aloe vera gel based with it well-known healing and hair-growing properties. Geena Moon loves their fragrant moisturizing and nourishing shampoos and conditioners and their styling gels and creams. Imperative in Geena’s repertoire is LOMA’s Fortifying Repairative Tonic which catalyzes hair color, and the Nourishing Oil Treatment, an anti-oxidant and thermal protector.

LOMA products have an excellent safety profile. They do not incorporate paraben in their formulas that are product life-extenders linked to breast tumors and fertility concerns. They also have gluten- free products. Also, Geena goes for LOMA’s sulfate-free shampoos that do not strip hair of essential oils and color pigments, and their other sodium chloride-free hair products that yields softer hair and are kinder to the scalp.

Healthy Hair Products

While the beauty market is so saturated with hair products with claims ranging from tame to tantalizing, fundamental to fantastic, Geena chooses the natural, organic path to hair wellness for her clients’ safety and well-being. She and LOMA are of the same philosophy that hair care should be natural, safe, and sustainable.