What is Balayage?

Balayage is a coloring technique coming to us from the salons of France. First developed back in the 1970’s, it remains one of the most popular requests in salons today. It is a freehand technique, wherein the stylist applies the dyes to your hair by hand rather than with traditional foiling or cap-related highlighting techniques.

The main benefit of balayage is its versatility. You can get a wide variety of effects, including both soft, natural highlights and bold, punky colorations. Many women are also drawn to how economical and low-maintenance it is. After a well-done treatment, you can expect to not have a clear line of regrowth; therefore, even if you can’t go back in for another coloring for another month, you will not look ridiculous.

Following your balayage treatment, you should not experience any more drying in your hair than you might expect from a traditional foiling technique. Wash your treated hair with salon professional shampoos and conditioners to continue to assure that your hair looks its best.

Most women can enjoy a balayage treatment, though it works better with certain types of hair. It can be used on very short hairdos, though it is most ideal for long, flowing hair that falls below the shoulders. It is best for use on natural hair, though a good color specialist can make use of foils to accommodate your hair type or color history. In any case, be sure to use an experienced salon professional; contact Geena Moon Hair Salon in Bellevue for more information.