Customizing Your Hair Care Routine Part I

What You Need To Know 

Once you know what works for you, you can get yourself a great hair routine that can pretty much make life a lot easier for you. Before that, it can be daunting as there will be hits and misses. Here’s laying down for you what you need to know to land that hair care routine.

What’s Your Hair Type?

Firstly, know what your natural hair texture or type is. There are actually four categories and you can only have one of them – straight, wavy, curly, or kinky. There are advantages and disadvantages for each type. For example, straight hair can look sleek due to the ease that natural oils coat it. However, straight hair often lacks volume and body. On the other hand, curly hair affords volume and does not need those curling tools. But then, this hair type needs a lot of anti-frizz and conditioning products.

Is Your Hair Chemically Treated?

Then, determine if your hair has been dyed, bleached , or has undergone chemical treatments like straightening. If so, your hair needs extra work. Dyed hair calls for practices and products that prevent dryness and color fading. Bleached hair needs regular conditioning like use of hair masks to give it extra nourishment. Chemically straightened hair also needs regular conditioning and avoidance of heating tools. 

How Do You Wear Your Hair Daily?

Do you always wear it naturally, no straightening or curling?  Or do you always have to resort to hot tools like blow dryers and irons and you can’t leave the house without using them? You have to consider these, too, because frequent heat application can lead to damaged hair. Do you wear your hair in buns, ponytails, headbands, or do you braid them often? These can cause breakage and thinning. It’s another practise you have to consider.

Do You Have Current Hair Issues?

You might have specific concerns that are presently confounding you about your hair. Do you suffer from thinning and loss of hair, flaky scalp, split-ends, frizzy hair, dry and damaged hair? These problems should be addressed and remedies incorporated into your routine to be able to fix the condition. 

Knowing where you are in your hair care journey is just the first half of the task. The next part is finding the solutions to the problems. That will be the subject of our next blog.


Asking The Professional in Bellevue

When you have problems in establishing which hair care routine is best for you, do not hesitate to ask Geena Moon. Visit us at our hair salon in Bellevue.