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Geena does her best to provide high quality services for her clients. Visit Geena at her Bellevue hair salon in Elements Apartments on the second floor.

Bellevue Hair Salon Reviews

We appreciate all feedback from our clients. Geena strives to provide the best experience, service and the hairstyle you’re looking for.
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Hands down, no questions asked, you HAVE to go see Geena. She will transform your hair into its best possible self. She uses styling and care techniques that make hair feel healthier and look better for a longer period of time, and will build a long-term relationship with you that is focused on keeping your hair healthy and beautiful.

Geena has seriously done what I didn’t even think was possible with my flimsy, ultrathin hair. I didn’t think it was possible for a haircut to be so good, so PERFECT…

– Michaela L.

I have been going to Geena for about 3 years now, and I have never been disappointed. She knows exactly what you want and what would make you look great. She is the best stylist I have been with the the whole PNW.
She is very friendly and accommodating and always makes time for her clients. I absolutely love her work.

– Jyoti M. (Bellevue, WA)

Geena is great! She’s straight forward and friendly. She’s helped style my hair to a very flattering look and has been working with me to correct the prior damage from years of not taking care of my hair. She explains exactly what needs to be done in between our appointments and I’ve definitely been seeing and feeling the results. I recommend her with no hesitation!

– Jessica T. (Seattle, WA)

Geena has given me such a wealth of hair-care knowledge, a true expert in her field. After only a few visits, my fine, dry hair is already restored to health (she carries an amazing natural, local product line … and, if interested, will advise you on how to use it to maximize results).

I absolutely love her fun and stylish haircuts, which make the most of your own personal hair type and face shape. She is so highly skilled in executing her cuts that every hair will behave more than ever; styling has never been easier! Highly recommend Geena as both an experienced, dedicated stylist and a quality person … your hair is in good hands if you place your trust in her.

– Julianne B. (Redmond, WA)

Scissor Goddess! Geena does my hair color and hair cut and I can’t recommend her enough.

She is very serious about her work and goes the extra mile to make sure your cut and color is perfect… I have been going to her for years and she never fails to impress me with her talent.

Geena will be honest with you and will work with you to make you look amazing for your hair type and face shape. She’s the most professional hair/color stylist that I have ever been to. She is also very fair with her pricing (especially for Bellevue).

As a native New Yorker, I really appreciate her straight forward and fun attitude. She is honest with you and will work hard to make you happy and do good, professional work.

Thank you Geena for your amazing skill and talent!

– Jiliane R. (Bellevue, WA)

I like to wait to evaluate a haircut until a couple of weeks have passed to let the hair settle and to see how it performs under various conditions. I’m a lazy person when it comes to hair so a bad layered cut screams really loud on the laziest days.

The haircut Geena gave me works even on a day I don’t blow dry my hair and without any product! That’s how good it is. There’s not many people who can pull that off.

– Dee C.

I love my hair! Similar to other reviewers here, I found Geena on Groupon and decided to give her a shot because of all the 4- and 5-star reviews. I walked in with a tired, too long lob and walked out with a fantastic, fresh bob! Geena is highly skilled at what she does and very direct with her opinions and suggestions, which I really appreciated!

– Lauren A.

5 STAR EXPERIENCE. Geena transformed my lifeless, boring, flat lob to a totally classy, stylish, and edgy bob with lots of texture, layers, and movement. Now I have been to every “5 star” and every “hip” salon there is in Seattle, including Gene Juarez, Seven, Vain, to name a few and have never been totally impressed, considering the high price and high expectation.

Geena is not only a professional, but a highly skilled and knowlegeable expert!! I also appreciate how she consistently keeps up to date with trends, techniques, and training.

I am confidently 100% happy with the outcome. And coming from me, that says ALOT. From the initial consultation, to the wash and cut and tone/color-correction and style, Geena took every step seriously and only used the finest products. She understood that I can’t do anything wild due to the nature of my job but that I want something classy yet still edgy.

So if you want someone honest who will deliver superior results, go see Geena!

– Re V.

I waited awhile to review Geena because I wanted to ensure I felt the same way I did about the haircut even a few months later.

I was referred to Geena by three friends — meaning I already knew she’d be great.
What I want to point out is that Geena is extremely talented and very well educated in both hair health and hair shape.

She doesn’t shy away from telling you what you need to hear which I really appreciate. We chopped off all the dead hair and she gave me by far my best haircut ever. Long layers that somehow ALWAYS cascade perfectly even after a simple blow dry at home.

I’m literally in awe of how healthy and effortless my hair still looks. I am a keeper!

– Irena L.

I went to Geena and had my hair color fixed and do Japanese Thermal Straightening. Let me tell you, I didn’t think anyone could change my color from the scary mess I had before to a beautiful auburn with lowlights. But Geena did it…and she even did great job on Straightening my hair.

I looked for a place in Bellevue, and sure enough… I couldn’t be more satisfied. I would recommend Geena to anyone and everyone!

– Rachel P.

I’ve been going to Geena for ten years and each and every time she leaves my hair stylish and sexy. Her customer service is impeccable. After being diagnosed with chemo, she went over and beyond to help me find the perfect wig and even trimmed it for me after losing all my hair. She’s not just a great stylist but has a huge heart.

I can’t wait until my hair grows back and she can work her magic on it again!

– Lauren C.

Geena did an excellent job when I came for a haircut. She not only washed my hair but gave a scalp massage as well. When it was time for the cut, she discussed with me the pros and cons of different techniques for my type of hair. She was thorough and made sure when I walked away that my cut was just as I wanted it.

I recommend Geena as a hair stylist for anyone who wants perfection.

– Lauri A.

I got a cut from Geena and I love it. I have fine, straight hair and my previous cut was a straight cut with no layers or movements. She gave me layers that bounce and my hair feels so much lighter. She also gave me tips on how to take care of my hair to keep it healthy longer before I have to come in again and she does this because she really wants the best results and cares for her clients. I highly recommend Geena 🙂

– Ellie K.

Geena’s been my stylist for years; I have thick hair and lots of funny cowlicks all over my scalp; lesser stylists are defeated by my ornery head, but Geena always whips it into shape and leaves me looking great. It’s always well worth my time to cross the lake from Seattle to go see her!

– Stephen P.

Ever since I got my cut and highlight from her several years ago, Geena has been my go-to stylist. She is really talented. When I got my first hair cut from her, I was so happy that I finally had the style that I wanted for a long time. No other stylists prior, could give me the style that I wanted which led me to continually change stylists.

I have finally found a long term stylist in Geena. She is not only a master at what she does but she also seems to have a great style for herself and others. I always feel like a cover girl after a visit with Geena.

– Diane K.

I have been going to Geena for years to get my grays colored and continue to return even though I have moved 5 hours away. I keep returning because the grow-out is painless due to the dye color matching my natural hair so well. I have gone to others and have been left with purple, red, orange undertones that are a nightmare to grow out.

The last time I went in, I asked for short cut – a big change. Geena gave me the perfect bob. Not too short to shock but a fun, sassy length that I could get used to. I have only received compliments since. I can’t ask for more than a great color and cut, but I also get Geena’s great, warm, personality. Go see her!

– Dana V.

Let me just say, Geena is amazing!! Before, my hair was totally fried from doing box dyes, using my curling iron, and just not taking care of my hair. During my appointment with Geena, she talked to me about my hair and how I should color and cut it. I totally trusted her after the “hair talk.” She’s a pro.

Geena also told me how to take care of my hair and how to easily style it! I love how my hair feels and looks! Will be back for my color touch up and trim soon 🙂 Thank you again Geena!!

– Jenny H.

Geena has been cutting and styling my hair for at least 6 years now. When she first worked on me I had shoulder length curly hair, and she did great with that. But when I decided to go back to shorter hair and turned her loose to style it as she saw fit, she totally transformed me.

Needless to say I’m a customer for life, no matter what part of Seattle I happen to be living in. Not only does she have a great sense of style, but she also has a great work ethic and is very professional. She will always do her best for you because she takes pride in her work and genuinely cares about her customers.

– Tom B.