Hair Products

Products at Geena Moon Bellevue Hair Salon

Natural and Organic Ingredients

Geena uses high quality hair salon products. One of the products that Geena uses at her hair salon in Bellevue is LOMA hair products. Loma products are specially made from natural and organic ingredients for healthier, stronger and glossy hair. For those looking for a natural way to take care of your hair, give LOMA hair products a try.

The reasons why Geena chose LOMA products is that because they are a local family business. Geena grew up being a part of a family business and from that, she has learned to appreciate and support local businesses as well as family and small businesses.

Health and Wellness

Another reason is while growing up, Geena’s father had health issues. Researching for a healthier lifestyle including diet, exercise, and products, Geena embedded this lifestyle and used natural products on a daily basis. Most of all, the impact of her father’s health had a great influence on her lifestyle and career as well.

As a result, this is why she chose LOMA products to use at her Bellevue hair salon. She loves that LOMA is a local business located in Monroe, WA, the products are great quality and affordable, and the products have natural healing and organic ingredients. Geena truly believes in using high quality, natural products for her clients.

Loma Hair Products at Geena Moon Bellevue Hair Salon
LOMA products are paraben free, gluten free, sulfate free cleansing, and sodium chloride free.

“Renewable and Sustainable Beauty”

“Loma is made in the USA, we print our own bottles, blend our own products and fill our own bottles! This process makes LOMA one of the last independently owned and operated banks in the professional beauty industry actually manufacturing 100% of its own products. Each product is hand crafted in small batches ensuring purity. Nothing is outsources to keep prices affordable and reasonable.”

Loma Products at Geena's hair salon in Bellevue