Japanese Thermal Straightening

Are you tired of damaged hair, unpleasant chemical odor and frizzy hair?

Japanese Thermal Straightening at Geena Moon Salon“With the aid of breakthrough technology and cutting edge lab research, Iljin is finally introducing this miracle hair straightening cream. This cream works miracles on all hair types, from extremely damaged hair to coarse African-American hair! Permanent, silky straight hair without the damage and odor is attainable!

No additional conditioning required before and/or during the thermal re-conditioning process. This product is odor and damage-free! Produces sleek and silky straight hair while retaining maximum luster! Safe to use on extremely damaged hair.” Iljin USA

Authentic Japanese Thermal Straightening

Geena specializes in a service that very few stylist are familiar with, Authentic Japanese Thermal Straightening. Japanese Thermal Straightening is a Japanese treatment that uses heat to restructure the bonds in your hair so that the hair lies straight, giving you glossy, smooth, shiny hair that rarely requires any blow drying or straightening! Geena has built expertise and knowledge and continued her research with straightening products. Geena has been providing Japanese Thermal Straightening service in Bellevue for many years.

Authentic Japanese Thermal Straightening is a delicate service. It requires years of training and the ability to recognize each client’s individual needs and unique hair types. The process is revolutionary and can last 6 to 10 months. With newer and better quality products coming out, Geena always on the look out for discovering high quality products for her clients.