Hairstyles for Women with Heart-Shaped Faces

Faces that are wide at the forehead and cheekbones, but narrow at the jawline, are known as heart-shaped faces. When looking for the right hairstyle, your object should be to add length to your face while fostering the appearance of width around your chin. What follows are some strategies that serve this goal:

  • Textured, chin-length cuts are your best friend.
  • If you want to wear bangs, a soft, side-swept look is most favorable. These can act to accent your eyes and draw attention away from a pointy chin. Blunt-cut bangs make your face appear shorter and wider, which is only working against you.
  • A shoulder-length cut with wispy layers may also be a strong option. Try pairing this with some height on top.
  • Deep side parts can emphasize your cheekbones and open the face up.
  • Avoid short hairstyles or a slicked-back look that emphasizes your upper face.

For more help coming up with just the right hairstyle for your own heart-shaped face, consult the stylists at our Bellevue hair salon.