Hairstyles for Women with Triangular Faces

A triangular face is defined as a face wherein the forehead and cheekbones are narrow, but the jawline is wide. If you have a triangular face, it is in your best interest to favor hairstyles that encourage the appearance of narrowness in your chin while broadening your forehead. To accomplish this, consider the following tips:

  • A layered hairstyle is a good choice, as it can help to balance out and soften a prominent jaw line. In particular, try creating layers that that taper at the level of the jaw.
  • Short looks are better than long looks.
  • A middle part serves to divide the top of your face into two long, narrow portions and foster the appearance of length.
  • Avoid a hairstyle which draws attention to the chin area, such as a straight and solid bob cut.
  • Bangs that fall forward over the forehead are working against you, as they make your face look shorter and wider.

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