Hairstyles for Women with Diamond Faces

A diamond face is defined as a face with a narrow forehead and jawline, but wide, high cheekbones. When choosing a hairstyle to go with a diamond-shaped face, your goal should be to achieve a balance in your narrow chin, minimize the width of your cheeks, and give you an overall shorter appearance. Here are a few good strategies that women with diamond faces employ:

  • A chin-length bob or a shoulder-length, kicked-out look can serve to add width to the area around your chin.
  • Look for a style that tucks in behind your ears to show off the good structure in your cheekbones.
  • If you’re wearing bangs, go for a straight-across look. This helps to shorten the appearance of a long face.
  • If you’re wearing a part, go for a side part. A middle part will add unneeded length to your face.
  • Avoid a short style that has height on top, which make your face look longer. Preferably, you should have hair down around your neck. If you’re going for a shorter length, wear bangs.

Talk to our Bellevue hair salon for further help finding just the right style for your face shape.