Suffer From Thinning Hair? Then Stop Doing This!

Most Common Hair Care Mistake

Do you suffer from thinning hair in spite of your conscientious hair care routine? It’s true that aging and stress are two of the main contributors to thinning hair, you might need to look at other things you’re doing that are to be blamed for hair loss. We asked some top hairstylists and they say a bad habit may be the culprit.

Tight hairdos are notorious for hair loss. Going for excessively tight ponytails, braids, and other updos that pull hair back from the hairline can lead to many problems. This habit can yank out a lot of strands leading to uprooting of the follicles or breakage of the shafts.

The use of heating tools and washing with steam water can leave hair vulnerable as the natural oils are washed away and strands are without protection. The heat causes hair follicles to open and get irritated.
While these hairstyles are cool and give you a fashionable look, do not overdo them. Once in a while, for some occasion or other, these styles are fine to wear. Hairstyles like ponytails, braids, dreadlocks, weaves, cornrows, hair extensions, and other updos done everyday can cause fall out, splitting, thinning, and hair loss, even permanent hair loss.

If you keep it up, soon you might notice early signs of hair loss. A receding hairline, some broken hairs along the hairline, or areas of baldness where your shiny scalp shows through. Then your hair in those areas may just stop growing. You can reach the stage of traction alopecia, where hair cannot grow back.
If you must sport these styles, loosen the strands, thicken the braids and dreadlocks, and do not wear them longer than one or two months. Let your scalp breathe and give your follicles a chance to recover from all that pulling. You can steam your hair but not too often. If you do, be sure to wash the steamed hair in cold water to close up the pores.

Be aware of this mistake that can end up thinning and damaging hair. Whatever hairstyle you choose, be kind to your hair and avoid consistent pulling to prevent irreparable loss.

More Hair Care Tips in Bellevue

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