Dry and Brittle Hair No More

Dry Hair Reasons You Don’t Know About

Dry hair is a condition where the hair has been stripped of its natural oils. It is not a hair type, but a condition, which means it can be treated. Don’t just concern yourself with dry hair, but the condition of your scalp as well. Do you have these symptoms? Dry hair, dull hair, split ends, plaques, scales, itching scalp, redness, and yellow particles in your comb? Then you must have an altered scalp condition called seborrheic dermatitis, accompanied by dry hair and dandruff.

What is seborrheic dermatitis? It’s a chronic inflammation of the scalp characterized by redness and itching, with production of scales and excessive oil. There may be parts that are oily, some parts are dry. This condition is one of the causes of dry hair. Another is your diet. Have you been eating an unbalanced diet, lacking especially in vitamin B? Also note that if your body is going through specific hormonal changes brought about by pregnancy, menopause, taking contraceptives or undergoing chemotherapy, your hair can be affected. It can become dry and brittle or fall off. Stress and some other emotional life distress are psychological causes that can lead to the same hair condition.

Some of your hair routines may be to blame for your dry hair as well. You might be using the wrong shampoo, too strong or too frequently, that instead strips your locks of natural oils.

Are you having too many hair treatments?

Colorings, rebondings, relaxes, smoothenings, and other salon treatments can build up on your hair and cause weak strands. Damaging also are frequent and unguided use of hair sprays, dyes, grease, and leave-ons. And also examine how you handle your hair. There might be too much physical aggression in combing or brushing, drying and using heat for styling. These habits add up and dehydrate hair.

Lastly, the weather and environmental factors can be blamed as well for dryness. Shiftings producing low humidity, extreme cold, strong winds, including indoor heating can easily get your hair parched; so is too much soaking in the sun, chlorinated pools, and in beaches.

Debunking Hair Dryness in Bellevue Hair Salon

So now you know that dry hair is not a hair type, but a condition that is treatable. Ask Geena of your Bellevue hair salon about how best to keep dryness and brittleness away from hair.