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Hairstyles for Women with Oval Faces

The shape of your face should always be taken into consideration when you are considering a hairstyle, as a properly-planned style can bring out the positive attributes of your particular shape.

An oval face is exactly what it sounds like: a face that has a roughly oblong-circular appearance. If you think that you might have an oval face, measure both the length and width of your face. The length of an oval face is roughly equal to one and a half times the width, and the width of your forehead should be about the same as that of your haw.

Should you determine that you have an oval face, the news is good. This is generally the easiest shape to complement with a hairstyle. You should probably find that just about anything you try will look good on you. Simply consider what it is about your particular face that you want to accentuate, and experiment with different ways to bring these attributes out. Avoid anything that hangs over your eyes or covers your face up too much.

Consult Geena Moon and visit her hair salon in Bellevue for more advice on how to style your hair.

Hot Colors for the Cold Season

Some women find that their skin tone changes slightly from season to season. Since your hair is unlikely to change along with it, it pays to adjust your dyes to complement your changing look. Making the shift one or two shades warmer is a pretty good bet. If you’re looking for something new to try, consider one of these four hot colors for the winter:

  • The New Bottle Blonde: Worn by the likes of Beyoncé and Kate Hudson, this is a warm and golden blonde look that goes well with many complexions.
  • Electric Auburn: Are you a brunette? Give yourself a warmer, richer undertone with this look. You can see this look put to good use on Rihanna.
  • Rose Copper: This subtly pink variation on the redhead look can be seen on the likes of Rumer Willis and Jessica Chastain.
  • 18Multifaceted Platinum: A fascinating middle ground between golden blonde and platinum grey, this look goes beautifully with a snowy winter aesthetic. It is worn by celebrities like Julianne Hough and Rita Ora.

Talk to Geena at our Bellevue hair salon for more tips on how to get the best out of your hair this holiday season.

What is Balayage?

Balayage is a coloring technique coming to us from the salons of France. First developed back in the 1970’s, it remains one of the most popular requests in salons today. It is a freehand technique, wherein the stylist applies the dyes to your hair by hand rather than with traditional foiling or cap-related highlighting techniques.

The main benefit of balayage is its versatility. You can get a wide variety of effects, including both soft, natural highlights and bold, punky colorations. Many women are also drawn to how economical and low-maintenance it is. After a well-done treatment, you can expect to not have a clear line of regrowth; therefore, even if you can’t go back in for another coloring for another month, you will not look ridiculous.

Following your balayage treatment, you should not experience any more drying in your hair than you might expect from a traditional foiling technique. Wash your treated hair with salon professional shampoos and conditioners to continue to assure that your hair looks its best.

Most women can enjoy a balayage treatment, though it works better with certain types of hair. It can be used on very short hairdos, though it is most ideal for long, flowing hair that falls below the shoulders. It is best for use on natural hair, though a good color specialist can make use of foils to accommodate your hair type or color history. In any case, be sure to use an experienced salon professional; contact Geena Moon Hair Salon in Bellevue for more information.

Balayage at Hair Salon in Bellevue

The Beauty of Balayage

Balayage has been around for years and yet only when top movie stars and models started wearing it did it gain a huge following. It has become a most in-demand colour treatment in many salons all over the world. People love its natural soft flow through the hair, as though sun-kissed, as if not really applied colour. A great balayage treatment is an expert mix of color sets that brings out the final color matching the skin tone and highlighting the features of the wearer.
It’s a freehand technique that depends on skill. It differs from using foils that otherwise give clear-cut highlights. The technique is just to apply the color on the surface of hair and not needing to saturate strands through and through until the ends. Color blends well even if you start having re-growth of new hair. You wear the color longer and just need to protect it from harsh shampoos, treatments or heating. It’s great-looking on long or short hair, except for cropped hair, and on light or dark colored hair of varying textures.

Go Balayage with Expert in Bellevue Hair Salon

Geena Moon offers full or partial Balayage colour and cut treatments at her hair salon in Bellevue. Set your appointment with the expert who can advise you properly as to the combination and style that will look most flattering and natural with your skin tone and facial features. Though the treatment may be a bit pricey for those stunning results, Geena also offers foil colour treatment and cut that might be more affordable.

The Art of Japanese Thermal Straightening in Bellevue

The Search for the Perfect Straight Hair

If you have always lived and worked with straight hair, then you might be well familiar with all manner of hair straightening methods in the market. There must have been a time of salon-hopping in your search for that perfect straight hair, the best expert on it, and the best value for money.

You might have your favorite salon by now but do they do the Japanese Thermal method?
The Japanese Thermal Straightening will give you silky smooth straight hair that is permanent and needing no re-application except for new hair growths at the roots. Hair is perfectly pin-straight and low-maintenance. You’ll love your new hair’s glossy, frizz-free look that will last you a good 8 to 10 months or even up to one year.

It’s because this method uses heat to permanently seal hair shaft bonds in place after chemical treatment. Sometimes it is referred to as thermal reconditioning and might be pricier than other similar treatments owing to its longer term benefits.

Being safe with Japanese Thermal Treatment

Geena Moon, of the popular Geena Moon Hair Salon in Bellevue, is an expert in this application. She is one of the first practitioners of this system in the area and has many happy clients over the years attesting to her skill. Japanese Thermal is a delicate procedure that, if done incorrectly or if the stylist is inexperienced, may damage the hair.

It remains one of Geena Moon’s most requested treatments at her salon in Bellevue, while she continues to train in new techniques and brings in quality systems and products for her clients.

French Cut in Bellevue

French Cut

These days, even the toughest female CEOs know the advantage of the French cut. This haircut style is a revolutionary technique that softens facial features and heightens the feminine charm. The stylist trained in this cut studies a client’s face shape, head size, features, neck, including body type and personality. She will then decide the most flattering cut and style to frame the features, accentuating instead of hiding them. She will build the cut from the top going down and as she goes, studying and determining the final look. It is sometimes akin to working on a canvass.

The end result will be a look that is softer, more feminine, even more commercial, like a magazine cover shot. The style moves as the body moves, softly tailored to the client’s lifestyle. It’s a low-maintenance cut, easily manageable for the woman on the go.

Geena Moon: French Cut Master

Our hair stylist in Bellevue has been using the style for many years to the delight of clients. She’s been called amazing, wonderful, exceptional where her skills with the French cut are concerned. She just knows what style, cut or fashion befits particular personalities. If clients agree, they just end up happier with the results. Geena gives their hair a new look that literally transforms face, body, and personality.

Come to our hair salon in Bellevue and have the cut that softens your style and moves with your body. If you haven’t had the French cut yet, experience it first with Geena Moon.

The Fabulous Brazilian Blowout at Hair Salon in Bellevue

Why Fabulous?
You will love your hair after a Brazilian blowout.
This is a professional smoothing treatment that uses a bonding technology providing a protective coating of protein around hair and ultimately smooths out the hair cuticle. The result is a frizz-free and curl-free head of hair that is smooth, sleek and glossy.

Brazilian differs from the well-known and highly recommended Keratin Treatment option in that the former is a completed treatment at the salon. There is no need to wait three days to wet/wash your hair or fear using clips and putting up the hair in pony tails. No demarcation lines will appear on Brazilian-treated hair as new hair grows unlike when Keratin Treatment is used.

Is Brazilian Blowout for me?
Geena Moon will tell you that the treatment works well with many frizzy type hair textures. Best candidates are frizzy, damaged or processed hair. She can work up a curly hair and turn it slightly wavy with Brazilian blowout, or straight hair more straight without the frizz. Outcomes are more manageable hair with body and bounce, glistening in the light, and absolutely healthy-looking.

On top of these, she guarantees the treatment also works on chemically-treated hair, on top of permed, relaxed , colored, and straightened hair.
Take Geena’s advice on how to keep your Brazilian-treated locks longer and as gorgeous as when you just had it at her hair salon in Bellevue.

Hairstyles for Men with Heart-Shaped Faces

A heart-shaped face is one that combines a broad forehead with strong cheekbones and a narrow chin. The main priority in choosing a hairstyle for this face shape is to add width around the area of the chin, while fostering the appearance of length at the top.

Many men with heart-shaped faces favor a longer hairstyle. This can serve to add volume below your cheekbone. Short hairstyles tend to accent the upper part of your face, which is working against you. If you must wear your hair short, consider having it cut close to your head along the sides and let it lengthen out a bit above the ear line until it reaches a length of about an inch at the top of your head. Comb your hair out naturally, preferably to the side rather than slicking it back. If you’re wearing bangs, consider a layered look at about ear-length. If you’re parting your hair, a middle part may be a strong choice.

If you’re a man with a heart-shaped face, Geena Moon can help you find the look that will work for you. Our Bellevue hair salon can tailor your look to complement any face.

Hairstyles for Men With Triangular Faces

A triangular face, occasionally known as a pear-shaped face, is characteristic of narrow forehead and cheekbones paired with a wide jawline.

When a man is choosing a hairstyle to go with such a face, the object is generally to minimize the appearance of width around your chin while enhancing the area around your forehead. A layered hairstyle goes well with a triangular face, in that it can serve to soften your prominent jaw line and give balance to your face. Consider a short look with heavy layers around the top and on the sides to add volume above the ears and give you a rounder, fuller look. If you want a more medium-length style, try one that tapers to the jaw line and side-swept bangs. You should probably avoid wearing your hair long, as it will draw attention to the chin area; try limiting your length to your nape.

No matter what shape your face may be, Geena Moon can help you to find the style that will complement you. Talk to our Bellevue hair salon to learn more.

Hairstyles for Men with Oblong Faces

An oblong face is defined as one that is significantly taller than it is wide. It is characteristic of a high, forehead and a narrow chin. Your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are straight, almost the same width.

Men who have oblong faces generally want to encourage an oval look, enhancing width and minimizing length. This can be accomplished with a short or medium-length style that covers the forehead with bangs and gives you some volume around the ears. Add fullness to your appearance with sideburns and waves, curls, or layers around the sides. Avoid wearing your hair too long, as it will enhance the appearance of length. Also, avoid styles that are cut too close to the scalp. If you part your hair, you should probably go with a side part; a middle part will add too much length to your face.

If you’re a man with an oblong face, our Bellevue hair salon can help you to find the best hairstyle for you. Contact Geena Moon to learn more.

Hairstyles for Men With Triangular Faces

A triangular face, occasionally known as a pear-shaped face, is characteristic of narrow forehead and cheekbones paired with a wide jawline.

When a man is choosing a hairstyle to go with such a face, the object is generally to minimize the appearance of width around your chin while enhancing the area around your forehead. A layered hairstyle goes well with a triangular face, in that it can serve to soften your prominent jaw line and give balance to your face. Consider a short look with heavy layers around the top and on the sides to add volume above the ears and give you a rounder, fuller look. If you want a more medium-length style, try one that tapers to the jaw line and side-swept bangs. You should probably avoid wearing your hair long, as it will draw attention to the chin area; try limiting your length to your nape.

No matter what shape your face may be, Geena Moon can help you to find the style that will complement you. Talk to our Bellevue hair salon to learn more.

Hairstyles for Men with Diamond Faces

You have a diamond face if your cheekbones are the widest part of your face and your forehead and jawline are more narrow. Your jawline is probably long and pointed. Men with this face shape generally want to add balance to their look by minimizing the appearance of width in the cheekbones and shorten the overall length.

There are many options that serve to complement a diamond-shaped face. Bangs are a favorable look, as they serve to shorten your face and soften the point at your forehead. A bit of length can be a good way to balance out your cheekbones and chin, if you go for a wispy, shoulder-length cut. Alternatively, consider a look that tucks in behind your ears to enhance strong cheek bones.

Men with diamond-shaped faces should avoid short looks that leave the the neck and chin area clear. You should particularly avoid adding height on top. If you part your hair, go for a side part; middle parts add length, and are not doing you any favors.

Talk to our Bellevue hair salon to learn more about achieving a hairstyle that works best for your face.

Hairstyles for Men with Round Faces

The rare round face has an almost circular appearance, with no prominent lines or angles. For men with round faces, the challenge when picking a hairstyle is to take the emphasis away from the center of your face, add some height, and provide balance to your overall look. Consider the following tips to achieve this effect:

  • Keep the hair lean at the sides and try to add some extra volume up top to foster the illusion of length and give you a more oval-shaped look.
  • Stay away from full or round hairstyles.
  • If you part your hair, part it on the side. This serves to minimize the appearance of roundness.
  • Consider wearing some waves around the level of your eyes.
  • Avoid wearing too much length up front or a sharp fringe; if you can achieve softer edges, it will help to reduce the appearance of roundness.

When you’re looking for a style that best suits your round face, talk to our Bellevue hair salon. We can help you find just the right look for you.

Hairstyles for Men with Square Faces

If the width of your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are all roughly equal, you probably have a square face. Such faces are generally characteristic of a strong jawline, giving you a chiselled appearance. This is a strong shape for men, lending itself nicely to the square and angular hairstyles favored by those with a masculine sensibility. Some consider it to be the most flattering shape that a man can have.

Men with square faces can make use of a wide range of styles. However, it is generally considered a good idea to find styles that serve to soften the edges a little. Consider the following tips to achieve this effect:

  • Try cutting your hair in layers to foster the appearance of length in your face.
  • Avoid covering the forehead with bangs.
  • If you part your hair, avoid parting it down the middle.
  • Keep the area around your ears clear.
  • Look for styles that mirror the square shape of your face.

For additional help achieving a hairstyle that will work for you, talk to our Bellevue hair salon.

Hairstyles for Men with Oval Faces

You have an oval face if the length of your face equals about 1.5 its width. Your probably have an egg-like outline, with a gently rounded jaw. Such faces have a well-balanced look, one that is considered by many to be the ideal face shape. Though this is largely true more for women than men, anyone with an oval face shape can enjoy the great versatility that comes with this look.

Indeed, most any look is going to go well with an oval face. This gives you the opportunity to experiment more until you find something you really like. The only thing to avoid is a full-length fringe, as it can give your face the appearance of being rounder than it is.

Further, if you have a particularly strong facial feature, look for ways to draw it out with your hair; got good bone structure? Look for a style that accents your chin. Do you get a lot of compliments about your eyes? Try to draw attention to them.

You have a wealth of options at your disposal, so consult our hair salon in Bellevue if you need any help settling on your next look.

How Often Should You Color Your Hair?

hair-colorIf you color your hair, it can be difficult to tell how frequently you should be applying your dye. If you dye too infrequently, you may start to show unsightly roots. However, if you color too often, you are wasting time and money and not doing any favors to the health of your hair.

So, what’s an ideal interval?

It is recommended that you return to the salon every six weeks. If you can go as long as eight weeks, all the better. There are a few strategies available, should you have trouble making it this long:

  • Hard water can strip your color away. If you have hard water, consider using a shower filter.
  • Shampooing less frequently helps to extend the life of your color. Once every three days works well for many women, though your own situation may vary.
  • There are products available that serve to protect your color. Look for color-safe or color-enhancing shampoos or conditioners. A root touch-up kit can also go a long way towards postponing your next dye appointment.

When it comes time for you to re-apply your color, count on the stylists at our Bellevue hair salon to give you the rich, vibrant color you deserve.

Hairstyles for Women with Oblong Faces

You have an oblong face if your face is longer than it is wide, and you have a long, straight cheek line. When selecting a hairstyle, your object is to enhance your width while minimizing the appearance of length. You can accomplish this with the following strategies:

  • You are served best by short or medium-length styles that have longer top layers, but not much height. Examples of such styles include graduated bob cuts, or a wedge.
  • Alternatively, consider a chin or shoulder-length style that turns under or kicks out from your face.
  • If you’re going for a longer length, try a layered look that adds body. A wavy or curly texture will serve well to soften the long, straight lines of your face.
  • When it comes to parts, a side part is your friend. Avoid middle parts.
  • It’s a good idea for you to always wear bangs. In particular, straight-across bangs will help to add width.
  • Avoid wispy, chin-length looks that have no body.

If you have an oblong face, Geena Moon’s Bellevue hair salon can help to find the perfect hairstyle for you.

Hairstyles for Women with Diamond Faces

A diamond face is defined as a face with a narrow forehead and jawline, but wide, high cheekbones. When choosing a hairstyle to go with a diamond-shaped face, your goal should be to achieve a balance in your narrow chin, minimize the width of your cheeks, and give you an overall shorter appearance. Here are a few good strategies that women with diamond faces employ:

  • A chin-length bob or a shoulder-length, kicked-out look can serve to add width to the area around your chin.
  • Look for a style that tucks in behind your ears to show off the good structure in your cheekbones.
  • If you’re wearing bangs, go for a straight-across look. This helps to shorten the appearance of a long face.
  • If you’re wearing a part, go for a side part. A middle part will add unneeded length to your face.
  • Avoid a short style that has height on top, which make your face look longer. Preferably, you should have hair down around your neck. If you’re going for a shorter length, wear bangs.

Talk to our Bellevue hair salon for further help finding just the right style for your face shape.