How Often Should You Color Your Hair?

hair-colorIf you color your hair, it can be difficult to tell how frequently you should be applying your dye. If you dye too infrequently, you may start to show unsightly roots. However, if you color too often, you are wasting time and money and not doing any favors to the health of your hair.

So, what’s an ideal interval?

It is recommended that you return to the salon every six weeks. If you can go as long as eight weeks, all the better. There are a few strategies available, should you have trouble making it this long:

  • Hard water can strip your color away. If you have hard water, consider using a shower filter.
  • Shampooing less frequently helps to extend the life of your color. Once every three days works well for many women, though your own situation may vary.
  • There are products available that serve to protect your color. Look for color-safe or color-enhancing shampoos or conditioners. A root touch-up kit can also go a long way towards postponing your next dye appointment.

When it comes time for you to re-apply your color, count on the stylists at our Bellevue hair salon to give you the rich, vibrant color you deserve.