Hairstyles for Women with Oval Faces

The shape of your face should always be taken into consideration when you are considering a hairstyle, as a properly-planned style can bring out the positive attributes of your particular shape.

An oval face is exactly what it sounds like: a face that has a roughly oblong-circular appearance. If you think that you might have an oval face, measure both the length and width of your face. The length of an oval face is roughly equal to one and a half times the width, and the width of your forehead should be about the same as that of your haw.

Should you determine that you have an oval face, the news is good. This is generally the easiest shape to complement with a hairstyle. You should probably find that just about anything you try will look good on you. Simply consider what it is about your particular face that you want to accentuate, and experiment with different ways to bring these attributes out. Avoid anything that hangs over your eyes or covers your face up too much.

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