The Way You Towel Dry Hair May Be All Wrong

Tips in Proper Towel-Drying Hair

Sometimes you’d see in movies, even in short commercial ads, how people towel-dry their hair after a bath. What you don’t know is that this is one of those ways on how to end up with dull, frizzy hair.

Many people get it all wrong. So here are some tips to remember.

Rather than rub your hair or twist it in a towel or rub the towel over your head, be gentle but firm with wet hair by patting it with your towel. This way the hair shaft will lay flatter and a lot shinier when it dries. Hair looks tamer and manageable. There is a less chance of breakage, and hence, less split ends.

Do use more than one towel drying your hair, especially if you wear them long or if you have frizzy hair. The first towel will absorb much of the water, and even a high quality bath towel can only take so much wetness. You might just be wasting time using only one; you need a second towel to do the job. For shorter hair, a hand towel will suffice. Using a couple of towels lead to faster drying.

Use an anti-frizz or a moisturizing product if your hair tends to be frizzy after towel-drying. The use of such products is additional safeguards against frizzy hair. They will prevent breakage and weakening of shafts. Lastly, after drying hair, use an eco-friendly and healthy method of final hair drying – air dry your hair rather than blow dry it. Air drying allows hair to dry on its own. You’ll feel your hair is a lot softer and manageable, especially if with a little help from a styling gel.

Note how trained personnel in salons towel dry hair after a shampoo and conditioner, or when they get your hair wet and need to dry it. They pat your head and hair with towels, and not just one towel either. There’s an anti-frizz, moisturizer or styling gel as well, depending on your treatment. Blow drying or air drying are either done, again depending on the situation, but always handled professionally. Practicing this at home will encourage the habit. Your hair is healthier and happier.

Pampering Wet Hair in Bellevue

Even the seemingly simple task of towel-drying hair is serious business at Geena Moon’s. Your Bellevue hair salon pampers all customers by treating hair right, especially wet hair, when it’s at its most vulnerable.