The Truth About Dry Haircut in Bellevue

Is Dry Haircut Better than a Wet Haircut?

A dry cut is a type of haircut done on dry hair, preferred by some stylists for certain types of hair or to easily achieve certain styles. For example, curly hair is more amenable to a dry cut. There are not many salons that specialize in the dry cut. You can’t go to just any hair dresser for it. It’s a non-traditional technique, which means it might take some asking around to find a stylist with the right experience.

As is the usual, a haircut begins after a shampoo and conditioner treatment and after some toweling off, your stylist begins cutting your wet hair. A dry cut is done on completely or mostly dry hair in order to give the stylist a clear picture of what the cut will look like when hair is not wet. Saturated with water, hair’s curls and waves will change shape, stretching out due to the additional weight of the water. With a dry cut, the stylist can easily see the shape and pattern of the curls, as well as know the length of hair when it is dry and curly.

Is one technique better than the other? That depends on several factors. If your hair is thin and straight with a blunt edge, it can usually be trimmed easily when it’s wet. Wet hair is longer, so your stylist needs to adjust for any shrinkage when the hair dries. There must be at least an inch of allowance if cutting blunt bangs.

It’s always better to go back and trim a bit more than it is to have bangs that are too short. For thick, coarse or textured hair, a dry cut may be better. Hair’s different levels of porosity or wave/curl, will look very different dry than it does wet. There can be noticeable uneven sections after a haircut that goes from wet hair to dry.

Even with a dry cut, you may still not get a perfectly straight cut. Hair falls slightly differently every day, so what looks fantastic on your day at the salon might be a touch off the following day.

What Suits You Best? Ask Geena

When you come by for a haircut at Geena Moon’s, expect to get the best haircut suited for your hair type. Whether that be a dry or a wet cut, in our expert’s hands you will enjoy your salon treated hair the same way every day.