Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Amazing Transformations for Limp Hair

Many women with thin hair think they’ll only be able to sport movie star locks after a hair job at the salon. How true that they’ll soon lose the volume in daily wear, back to square one in no time. It’s the bane of being born with thin hair. Luxurious hair is a dream; there are so many styles you can put it through. But you see, the key to a truly effortless stylish look is in the right haircut. Even if your hair is lacking in thickness and density, a good stylist can come up with breathtaking styles to make them appear thicker than they really are.

If not styled correctly, thin hair can look lifeless and boring. You can pump up the volume of your locks with a short layered bob haircut. With texture and color, thin hair can transform – choppy layers can boost volume while dark roots against a lighter shade of your shafts can give the illusion of density.

Pay attention to the line where your hair ends fall. If you put too many layers around the ends, your hair can look too light and wispy. Harp lines like blunt or chopped cuts create can make them look denser.

You’d love the nineties classic bob on thin air. The spunky retro bob adds volume all over the crown of your head. A side partition creates bangs that fall over half your forehead and further adds volume. The layered bob haircut is a variation, no longer nineties, that you’ll also love. Layered at the sides, the parted bob is inspiring, especially with the added dimension of dark roots contrasting with light shades.

For shoulder-length hair, large loose waves is a volume-booster while keeping the ends free of curls. For longer hair, layering and an ombre color enhance texture and dimension.

Transform Thin to Terrific at Geena Moon Hair Salon

These are just some of the techniques that are flattering for thin hair. Variations of the same are many. It just takes a good stylist, if you find one, who can play wonders for thin hair. Come by our Bellevue hair salon and see what we’re talking about.