Spring Hairstyles You’ll Love in Bellevue

What’s Spring’s New Look?

Spring is a great excuse to have a new hairdo. Sunshine and blue skies call for very relax and casual cuts that many pros advocate. Beauty routines are simplified to enable leisurely enjoyment of spring activities whilst looking fresh and cool.

Experts say to go light, a hairstyle that is lighter to carry around. Perhaps a razor should cut dry hair only around the face so the haircut looks grown in. Also a nice clean line on the perimeter of the hair should give it shape and compliment the height and shape of the wearer. And it’s not just the style, pros say to go light on color as well.

Others suggest mid-length cut with seamless layers for a light, fun and flirty spring look. The layers are cut dry with a point-cutting technique, making the cut tailored to hair type and face shape. Texture like curls, body waves, beach waves, and others should be added as texture is what gives the hair movement and a fuller silhouette.

How about a wash-and-go style? No-effort styling here, just wash and you go! It can even look sexy, it is easy and natural. This style is especially useful if you are trying to grow out one style and return to a more natural style.

Try the ‘slicing’ technique for a change. It’s the modern shag that makes anyone who wears it different, fresh and personal. It is for all hair types and textures. The use of a texturizing technique called “slicing” creates the shag’s signature movement. The technique removes bulk and adds movement.

Or go for a one-length cut, be your hair pin-straight locks or tight, messy curls. Layering them is not going to work and will be much harder to maintain. It’s the 2017 trend, much the opposite of 2016.

Bellevue Hair Salon Ready for Spring

You can choose any one of these recommendations depending on your hair type, facial shape and body type, and how you want to enjoy spring. Ask your stylist. Better go see Geena Moon and her hair salon in Bellevue. She’d give you tips for that new spring look.