Hot Hair Color Hues for 2017

Hot Hair Colors for Brunettes this 2017

If you want to put your dark locks away for a while, consider any from a variety of colors trending in 2016 and will still rock in the coming year.

Like burgundy? Red is a head-turning color with a soft reflective quality. While they come in a variety of reds, from neons to deep mahogany, burgundy with the ombre pattern is the standout. It’s called burgundy sombre (subtle ombre), complementing shoulder-length or longer hair worn straight or with loose ringlets.

Bronde is another mixed color, a smart combination of solid shades of brown and blonde. This works well with girls who cannot quite decide on either color, but when combined the interplay is just gorgeous and can be worn everywhere with confidence. Put highlights, use the ombre pattern or go for balayage with bronde.

If you’re a brave soul, get pastel blue and make a fashion statement. Combine dark and light blues and be amaze at the contrast, or combine natural shades of blonde and brunette, or take it further and put in pink, purple or green, which mix well with blue. And are you ready for another unique hue? Consider bright yellow. Get a balayage to bring out this color; let dark shades at your roots peek out from the crown and lemon strands flowing from there.

Have you tried Pumpkin Spice? This is a shade any woman of any hair texture, hair color and skin tone can wear. Though it’s relatively easy to do, you should get an expert colorist/stylist to do this. The base color is important; a deep copper tone with dark golden tints is recommended for brunettes. Neither dark-haired nor blonde, medium copper and gold tones are your base colors. Lighter-haired ladies need still lighter base colors.

Red-violet sticks out in a crowd. It’s unique, bold, hot. A blend of red and violet tones, the shade is rich and always striking. Ther’re many ways to apply this color on your hair. You can have the red- violet color sombre with red as the hand-painted dominant color and the roots darker than the tips.