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What’s in a Good Everyday Shampoo?

Try the Loma Daily Shampoo; it’s a great everyday shampoo. And what sets it apart from others? It’s ingredients are certified organic, selected to enhance, protect, restore and repair the natural moisture balance of hair. Shampoo for everyday use must have no sulfates, parabens or glutens. Sulfates are acidic compounds that are powerful grease-cutters, causing the lather and suds in products. Parabens are preservatives and easily invade blood and urine.

Loma Hair Products at Geena Moon Bellevue Hair Salon

Though there is no concrete evidence against their use, traces of which are found in some cancerous breast tumors. Glutens, on the other hand, are allergenics and can be risky for those who have celiac disease. This is how safe Loma Daily Shampoo is. It is also color-friendly so dyed hair will not wash out easily. It’s aromatic as well, lovely smelling pure orange and tangerine.

Loma Daily Shampoo has several key ingredients combined to provide a mix of safe and beneficial hair products. Do your shampoos have Aloe Vera Gel, the healing plant for skin and hair conditions? Does it have Jojoba Seed Oil, an instant moisturizer rich in vitamins B and E for protection from the elements? How about Quinoa Protein? It repairs damaged hair cuticle and provides shine and moisture. Panthenol is from the vitamin B group that provides moisture to hair; tocopherol is a vitamin E sunflower-based organic.

This everyday shampoo is ideal for dye-colored hair, having fennel seed and sunflower seed. Fennel seed prolongs all hair color vibrancy by killing excess peroxide and ammonia residue left over after coloring. Sunflower seed reduces the fading of all hair colors and helps to repair UV damage.

If your shampoo has these ingredients and none of the risky components mentioned, it is safe for daily use. Loma Daily Shampoo is one such conscientious personal care product. For best results, you can use its paired hair daily conditioner.

Organic and Natural Hair Products at Geena’s

This is one of Geena Moon’s favorite shampoos at her Bellevue hair salon, one of a line of high-performing and naturally healing products of Loma. Made in the US. Come visit us at Geena Moon Salon when you feel like you need a hair treatment.