Managing Your Season Stress for the Sake of Your Hair

If you’re like the vast majority of people, the winter holidays is a time of great stress. Unfortunately, this stress is not good for your hair. Since the cold weather is already quite hard on your moisture levels, it pays to manage your stress in order to facilitate a healthy head of hair. Consider the following tips:

  • Plan your schedule. Delegate tasks to people you trust, and never take on more than you can handle.
  • Drink enough water. The general rule of thumb is to take your weight in pounds, halve this number, and consume this many ounces of water every day.
  • Get enough sleep. If you’re struggling to get the sleep you need, seek out more foods with vitamin B6, calcium, and magnesium. Such foods include fish, whole grains, bananas, and chickpeas.
  • Exercise. Not only does this relieve your stress, it also helps to fight the depression brought on by seasonal affectiveness disorder and promote healthy sleep. Even going for a brisk walk for thirty minutes every day can have a profound effect.