Three Hair Trends for the New Year

According to in-the-know stylists in the fashion world, there are three major trends that are due to emerge as we go into 2016. These trends are as follows:

  • Pinned Hair: You can achieve a sharp, modern look by using pins to give yourself a deep part down the middle of your scalp. Try looking for the standard bobby pin in a color that matches your hair for the most effective aesthetic.
  • Braids: A good, thick braid that gives you the look of a deep part that falls against the side of your forehead has a strong, fashionable look. Alternatively, consider wrapping a thick braid around the crown of your head, pinning it into place.
  • The Wet Hair Look: Simulating the look of wet hair can give you a sleek, post-modern aesthetic. Consider the use of a flexible styling gel to give you a wet look that lasts throughout the day. Pairing this look with the right makeup will give you a truly dramatic appearance.

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