Hairstyles for Women with Square Faces

A square face is characteristic of a strong, broad forehead and an angular jaw. Women with square faces generally want to seek out hairstyles that soften the jawline. If you have a square face, here are some rough guidelines as to what kind of style will work best for you:

  • Short and mid-length hair is your friend, especially if you can achieve a rounded look with wispy ends.
  • Wispy hair falling forward over your face serves to soften your jawline. Alternatively, try wearing bangs that sweep to the side.
  • Any style that adds height to the crown is a strong choice.
  • Avoid a blunt bob, especially ones that sit at chin length with straight and heavy bangs. This will give your face a boxy appearance.
  • If you’re parting your hair, stay away from middle parts with solid bangs.
  • A short hairstyle with a square look to it will work against you.

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