Hairstyles Trending in 2018 to Try

Trending Hair: From Subtle to Bold

See the hair trends that will define 2018. Some you will find bold, some are experimental, some are even super subtle. But you’ll definitely fall in love with some of them, you’d be giving one a try this year.

One of the trendiest for the year will be a mix of ‘70s and ‘90s-inspired look. The Retro Real is back – those healthy, fluffy tresses obtained by just using roller sets. No heat needed and easy as pie. Just set it, let it sit, brush it out, and let it do what it does.

The Rounded Understyles are in this year. No more angular looks that used to prevail in 2017. Hair ends are a little more curvaceous, letting hair be more messy.

The Long Pixie is hot in Hollywood. It makes sense as women went for cuts and chops last year. This time, they are growing their ends longer.

Buzz Cuts are becoming the rage as more guys and gals are looking for all kinds of ways to spice up their crops. We’ll be seeing a lot of haircuts with lines etched in them – taking undercuts to a whole new level. Some stars have already embraced the look.

The Classic Bob is here to stay. The style is so versatile, it can be worn straight, curly, or wavy. There are even shagged-out bobs and bobs with bangs.

Structured Updos are always red carpet-showstoppers. Sleek and structured updos are beautiful ways of showing off a woman’s features and her dress while giving an artful approach to her hair.

The Pixie is loved by stylists and is a hot item. Many sport that very low, as low as a woman’s facial structure will allow, close-to-the-face style. It can be a super short pixie or a shaggier pixie. It’s simply letting it go, cutting it off, being free and starting fresh.

Then there’s The No-haircut Haircut. It’s just to look like having gotten a super clean, fresh cut – just soft, healthy ends. That’s all.

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