Different Ways to Sun-Protect Your Hair

Products Your Hair Can’t Do Without in the Sun

Have dry, dull and brittle hair? Have your colors faded, too?

Surely you know you’ve been staying under the sun too long. You might have protected your skin and your face, but what about the hair? Don’t think that a shampoo and conditioner routine will be enough to put this issue aside. Experts say exposure to UV rays damages the hair just as much as it does our skin.

High Humidity and Heat

The high humidity from the summer sun can settle in your hair and weigh it down; limp hair is what you’ll get. The heat can increase hair problems like dandruff, split ends, frizziness and hair fall. Summers can be harsh on the scalp too, causing dryness and sunburn, which can damage hair roots. Hair tends to get burnt in the hot sun and can turn brownish. Colored hair too tends to fade if you stay outdoors too long.

Over conditioning and over treating is a big mistake. Washing your hair every day is not an option. Similarly, not washing hair which is sweaty for so long is a sure way to increased hair fall. So, what can you do?

Know that there are formulated products specifically designed to care for your hair in the sun. For example, choose a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. These formulas don’t contain harsh color-stripping detergents that are often used in other shampoos.

Frizz is in during humid summer weather, so you might be using your straightening iron or blow dryer to tame your hair. And since heat damage can cause color to dull, it’s a good idea to enlist a heat-styling spray to protect your strands.

Wear SPF for your hair. The sun can also damage your dye job, so remember to spritz your hair with a UV protectant spray, whether you’re going to the beach, work, or just running errands. And after a long day at the beach, coat your hair with a deep-conditioning mask that helps nourish sun-parched hair. Add another layer of protection to your tresses by using a double-duty hairspray that locks in your style and preserves your dyed hair color up to 75 percent longer.

Washing Your Hair Everyday?

What’s detrimental to your overall hair health is over washing. Instead of washing your hair everyday, which can dry out your strands, skip a shampoo every other day and use a dry shampoo. Once a week, take the time on a hydrating hair treatment. You can find hair treatment services at our hair salon in Bellevue.