Having A Haircut Change? When To Know It’s Time

Signs That You Need A Hair Change

Should I have that haircut now? I think I need a haircut. You ask or tell yourself this and you’re both excited and anxious. It can be a big or small change, but you struggle and are emotional. The thing is, you know it’s going to be your decision alone. Are you really ready? How do you know you’re ready?

Experts say that there are signs that it’s time for a change. They say that you should ask yourself three questions: 1. Do you always wear your hair up? 2. Does it take a really long time for your hair to dry? 3. Is the hairstyle you sport the one you’ve had since high school? If you answered Yes to one or more of them, then it’s time for a chang!.

If you think that only the one and same hairstyle suits you, think again. Get that change. There must be something else out there for you. Ask your friends, ask a hairstylist. A hair change can also change your whole attitude.

Have you noticed that after a new hairstyle, you get loads of compliments? Family and close friends remarked how good you look and that your new do fits you. After a time, the compliments will trickle to a stop. It’s also a time to rethink your style. Experts also say that it need not be a major change, especially if you are not so sure what you want or that you are not too brave to try something way different. It still is a change. And that’s another sign that it’s time.

Ask yourself a few honest questions first before you hit the salon. Does the new cut and style you’re looking at require more upkeep? Are you ready to make salon trips more often? Will your new style complement your lifestyle? Is the style you’re considering compatible with your hair texture and face shape? Or is your decision to change comes in the heels of an emotional event in your life?

Again, experts say that if you don’t have any strong answers to these questions, don’t make that change yet.
New hairstyles can breathe new life into your world, but just make sure you’re ready before taking the plunge!

Making The Change in Bellevue

Ready or not ready, seek expert advice from professionals. Set up a consultation at Geena Moon’s hair salon. You don’t have to make the decision yet, but we can surely give you a lot of tips. We’ve got a variety of cuts and styles that will suit you. Let’s talk new beginnings in Bellevue.