Best Hairstyles for Prom Night

Matching the Hair With the Dress Tips

It’s Prom Season again and don’t say you don’t want to stand out. You’re making every effort to make this event memorable even if you don’t think you’ll make Prom Queen. You might have gotten the dress and you wonder what hairstyle should best complement it. Maybe you’re dying to sport a particular hairdo your friends will envy, but, will the dress shine as well? A few things to consider first.

What’s the neckline of your dress?

Halter tops show a lot of shoulder. Piling all your hair on top of your head can leave your shoulder area looking a little bare, while wearing it all down will cover up that pretty neckline. A good compromise is having a loose fishtail braid thrown over your shoulder. You can wear it up high or start it down at the nape of your neck for a more beachy look. This style is super easy to do as well.

If the dress has delicate elements on top, like spaghetti straps, you want to play off of it with a delicate hairstyle. A tousled side-chignon is the perfect way to create a look that’s feminine and romantic.Subtle jewelry, like long earrings and a small bracelet, can really bring it all together.

A one-shoulder neckline is a show stopper, so you don’t want to cover it up. Asymmetrical necklines are best accentuated by keeping your hair up and away. A sleek ballerina bun with this neckline is an elegant and classic hairstyle for a dress that has an edge. Natural eye makeup, a shimmery highlight, and a bold lip can make a statement with this style.

Are you going strapless?

Strapless dresses are favorite prom styles, and they leave a lot of room to play around with hairstyles. Let some loose waves fall over one shoulder when wearing a dress like this. It’s slightly retro and very glamorous.

High necklines look sleek and maybe a little bit mysterious when paired with a clean, simple ponytail. It accentuates your neck and your face at the same time. Pair that with a great makeup, like a very red lip.

More importantly, whatever hairstyle you decide to rock, remember to do it with confidence.

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