Hairstyles That Can Make You Look Older

And Hair Ideas for a Younger You

Here are some hairstyles that might make you look older than you really are. Consider changing to look refreshed.

You’re keeping the same hairstyle for years. It’s one of the biggest mistakes to think that you look your best with that hairstyle so you’re never changing it. Let go of the old version and try something new. Opt for a refreshed hairdo that is age appropriate, not too old-fashioned, not too trendy. Current is better.

Scrimping on haircuts. You are growing your hair so long it makes you look old. Let it go and leave that for teenagers. As you get older, have frequent haircuts to keep the strands looking fresh and healthy and give your style the necessary shape. A layered cut or shorter hair is an anti-aging hair care tip.

Sporting the wrong length. If your hair is of the wrong length it can drag down your overall appearance, easily aging your face. Add volume by cutting long layers around the face to accentuate your features. Avoid “flat” styles that can look undone. Refer to the best haircuts for your face shape as a guide.

You’re parting your hair the wrong way. The wrong hair part can age you significantly. You can look younger by just changing where you part your hair. A middle part isn’t right for every face so see where your hair naturally falls. For some facial shapes, an irregular part can be more flattering.

Opting for overly dramatic hair color. Skip the darkest or lightest shades, which can drain your skin tone. Opt for a good middle ground, like softer shades that add dimension and give off the appearance of young, radiant hair.

Going for too dark shades. Darkness around your face can make you feel and look older and it enhances fine lines and wrinkles. It’s common to use dark colors to fix grey hair. As we age, we want softness around the face. Lighter, multi-tonal shades help to blend greys as they start to grow back in.

You’re using too much volume. Volume is alright but you need to find balance. Don’t over-tease and add unnecessary hairspray because they can drastically age your face. You can use volumizing shampoo that’s recommended and try some blow-drying tips.


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