Summer Hairstyles You Won’t Regret

Great Hairstyles Without Losing Hair

When it’s summer more people think haircuts. It is obvious, very logical, to rush to your favorite salon for that trim or chop you think you need to survive summer. However, some people still want to hold on to their locks and for a valid reason will not give in to the urge to cut. Here are some great ideas to look great and new in this weather.

The Messy Updo

It’s the low-key hairstyle that Hollywood loves, perfect for any warm weather occasion. You might want to spend your time indoors or opt for outdoor excursions, this undone and not-so-perfect look is just as stylish. Hair pulled back and pinned or bunned, with some wispy strands blowing around, is Hollywood-perfect. Pair that with a summer, or dressy, nighttime or daytime wear, and you’ll surely turn heads.

The French Braid with Pizzazz

The ordinary French braid can look smashingly summer with ribbon pin-ins of a pastel color. Just don’t forget the wispy strands by the ears to look more natural and laid back. You can stay relevant way until August looking so.

The Headband

Is a statement any way you look at it. Girls wear them in the hair or around the forehead, usually to hold hair away from the face or eyes, but definitely making a statement. Colorful plain or printed, headbands come in soft cloth, sometimes a loop of elastic material or a horseshoe-shaped piece of flexible plastic or metal. These accessories are really making a strong presence this year.

Extra-long Braids

You want to keep those long locks and yet make them behave in style? Then braids are the way. Braids will always make for a classic style, especially during warmer weather. Working at the office or planning for a date night, the polished, three-strand braid is absolutely inspirational. And what’s better than one braid? Two long pigtail braids, one spilling over each shoulder is the way to go.


Keeping Your Locks in Bellevue

No problem with us at Geena Moon’s hair salon if you want to keep your long length. Leave it to us to style you for the summer. In fact, we’ll show a couple of tricks on how to wear your long hair and still look stylish.