Spring Haircuts Rocking Instagram Now

Hairstyles Trending for Spring

On Instagram this spring, we see a lot of low-maintenance haircuts that are also fun and fresh. The styles are also easy to have and light to maintain.

The long, wispy bangs. Very Brigitte Bardot, very 70s, cool and tousled styles that concentrate more on the fringes. It suits any hair length, but the bangs start in the middle of the eyebrows, and softly fall below the cheekbones on both sides of the face. Even if hair is curly, the bangs should fall around the face giving it dimension. You can also sport heavy Bardot bangs, giving yourself a new attitude.

Feathered layered look. The haircut with many flattering variations. If hair is thin and fine, choppy feathering adds soft body and texture. If hair is long, the the haircut can help open up the face subtly, without sacrificing length. The feathered layer give movement and body to a long cut that might feel flat and heavy. For curly hair, longer layers laddering up to the cheekbones will let the curls bounce around the face.

The blunt A-Line bob. Very structured and to the point, this jawline cut is very blunt but has a fresh look of spring to it. The cut of the bob is somewhere between the bottom of the ear and below the chin. The bluntness must be with a slight A-line angle – from the back toward the front. allowing for an even grow out, because the back grows a bit faster. If body and texture is more desirable for the blunt cut, say for curly or wavy strands, one can ask the stylist for invisible internal layers, which can be pulled into a deep side part for fullness.

The curly shag. It’s mid-length and layered with a heavy bang, soon to become popular. It’s all about the shorter shag with a heavy fringe to give the look a fuller feel. The bigger the curls, the better. For bouncier curls, a curl styling cream on damp hair can be used. Then diffuse it until it’s dry and full of body. If the ringlets and waves are falling flat, use texturizing spray or dry shampoo for some extra body.


Getting Ready for Spring in Bellevue

As spring is upon us, it’s time to think new hairstyle. There is no shortage of styles to choose from. Just looking inside Instagram, you’ll find just the cut to suit you. Visit us soon at Geena Moon in Bellevue and see what we could do for your locks.