Sporting Short Hair in 2019

Choosing The Best Short Hairstyles

Considering the short hairstyle for your next chop?
That’s great because. Consider here some of the more popular ladies’ choices and that surely you’ll love.

The round bob are glamorous bobs of the roaring ’20s and aren’t going out of style. The sleek bob style can make even thin, fine hair appear super lush and thick.

The blunt cut, with the same length all around, helps to eliminate straggly strands and gives fine hair the illusion of volume and body thanks to the uniform blocky ends.

The shoulder-length trim showcases texture. Kinky curls look and feel super healthy. Natural hair is always in style.

The wavy bob are for those who are obsessed with chin-length tresses but don’t want to flat-iron their hair regularly. This style is low-maintenance; just spritz hair with some sea salt spray and scrunch.

The textured, piecey lob is a grown-out bob that does not sacrifice length. It’s playful and allows one to put up the hair in a pony if need be. The angled lob is a dramatic statement that’s always head-turning.

The pixie cut is cropped on the sides and voluminous up top. For a naturally tousled look, run some light texturing mousse with the fingers through the top.

The asymmetrical textured bob is for those who can’t decide to go shorter or keep the length. Mismatched lengths, whether stick-straight or wavy asymmetrical bobs always look flawless.

The curly bangs tend to be a bit more maintenance-prone, but they can really flatter the face shape, add dimension, and soften a look.

This vintage cut provides smooth layers, an ear tuck, and flared ends, ala Audrey Hepburn.

The grown-out feminine pixie cut are for those who are scared of super short hair, but it still holds the pixie shape, strands are wispy, free, and lived-in. It hardly needs brushing.

Side-swept bangs give a fresh take on the lob with a shaggy chop paired with side-swept bangs. Textured layers can be added for lift and volume while side-sweeping bangs soften the look.


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