Getting Rid of Split Ends

Causes and Cures of Split Ends

We know that human hair is made up mostly of keratin. Keratin is a fibrous protein that is the main structure of hair. It protects hair and keeps it healthy. However, it’s very fragile and prone to damage, usually splitting. Split ends occur when the hair is damaged for whatever reason, and the reasons are many. Lack of moisture is the main cause behind split ends.

Using heat on your hair can make it prone to split ends. Chemicals on the hair such as bleach dries out hair and puts strain on the follicles. Over-washing can also contribute to split ends as it can strip hair of its natural oils, which keeps hair healthy and hydrated. If you have central heating, which causes dryness, that too, can cause split ends though not in a direct manner.

Can split ends be treated? Yes, of course. the best way your hair doesn’t end up dry and full of split ends is by taking care of your hair.

Regularly using hot tools, like straightening irons, curling irons, heating brushes and hairdryers, and not using any heat protective spray is asking for hair damage. Heat protective sprays will afford protection to hair strands while you are drying them. There are blow dry sprays, both for colored hair and for reconstructing super damaged hair. There are also specific sprays to keep hair ends from splitting when using straighteners and curlers. Also use heat-protect sprays for UV protection which protect hair against the harmful sun’s rays.

Use damage control shampoo plus conditioners that work well with you. They can help prevent and repair damage to the hair follicle.

The best way, of course, in getting rid of split ends is to cut them off. If you are prone to split ends, timely visits to your salon can keep them at bay. Have a healthy trim every now and then. Still, care for your hair where heating tools are concerned, use of heat protective products, and avoiding too much sun exposure are the way to go in preventive measure.

Battling Split Ends in Bellevue

Learn more about how you can deal with split ends. Get a trim from time to time, but also know how to manage the cause of your split ends. Geena has a few tricks up our sleeve for that.