What are You Looking For in a Great Stylist?

Looking for a Hairstylist?

If you have been going to the same hairstylist all this time you might be quite happy with their services. But if you are still on the lookout for that elusive great stylist, see if they have the following important traits.

A great stylist has a knack for listening. They will treat you more than just a client, acting like a therapist to you. If you are the type of client who shares your drama, likes and dislikes to your stylist, They will really pay attention to you. More importantly, a great stylist will always ask your wants and make clear with you exactly what you came to her parlor for. There is a clear understanding between the two of you.

They can make your visions come true. A successful hairstylist stays on top of the latest trends and has the skill to integrate them into her clients’ personal style. However, this stylist also has elevated taste and a sharp eye for design to be able to set a few trends of her own. At the end of the day, it’s important that they can not only create a vision, but execute it as well.

They are honest and will not fear to recommend styles though you are still the decision-maker. They must be able to tactfully help you choose a style. They also understand how a hairstyle will work and wear in the long run and can identify whether it’s a good fit for you. The stylist should knows you’ll be happy when you step out of their salon, and still be thrilled with your look one month later. Your stylist is also open about how much the procedure you want will cost, and any other add-on treatment required or suggested. An unfriendly, unexpected cost on the bill may ruin a relationship.

A great stylist has impressive technical skills. Your stylist’s technical knowledge are drawn from education and training, lots of practice and in some cases, plus a natural knack for styling. They are also great with their hands and even on their feet with their energy and stamina while they works. You’ll know if they’re adept with her tools and is familiar with different styles and techniques.

Adaptability in a great stylist is crucial. An excellent stylist is unfazed by changing trends, new tools, or client wishes that seem outrageous. A great stylist is confident with their creativity, vision, and skills, no matter what pops up. In the end, a stellar result and a happy client.


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