Great Hairstyles for Women at Any Age

Styles That Defy Age

Want to change your look and wondering if a visit to your dermatologist would be the road to looking young and fresh? Maybe you should try your hairdresser first. Here are some of the most current hairstyles that cuts your age significantly without too much ado or expense.

The shoulder-length cut is a favorite of celebrities. It’s super customizable to the shape of your face. Because it’s shoulder-skimming, it flatters your décolletage and gently frames your face. It creates the illusion of thicker, fuller hair, which is incredibly youth-boosting. Fewer layers and breaking up the blunt outline with some freehand cutting keeps it fresh and modern.

The right bangs can take years off your appearance. But too short bangs can actually draw more attention to your fine lines. To draw attention to the eyes, a full, blunt fringe can be dramatic; it will hide lines and can completely frame your face. For long or oval face shape, a softer gradient is better. Fringes that curve around and frame the cheekbones will give contour and lift.

Try a center part that may not be exactly center which can look too perfect and unnatural. Instead, aim for just a bit off to the left or right – wherever your natural part lies.Your hair can sit extremely flat if you’ve had your part in the same place for a long while, and it can make you look older. Try your part at a diagonal angle rather than straight allowing the hair to fall down in a new position.

Go for a bob, as shorter hair gives a more confident and youthful look. The modern bob has a defined outline that sits around the jawline framing your face and directing the eyes towards your best features. Textured layers and a choppy fringe just above your eyebrows create even more of a playful feeling.

Try the the Pixie cut. The short and funky cuts are great on women at any age, but one must have the confidence to pull off this attention-grabbing style. For pixie styles, good use of a molding paste or wax can mean the difference between awesome hair and otherwise. Without it, your hairstyle could fall flat or billow from your head in frizzy puffs.

The layered hair is controversial. Too much and you can look dated. Too short can instantly make a haircut look old-fashioned due to its rounded shape. The right kind of layers can add body and fullness to limp hair. If you like layers due to the volume or texture they create, keep them long, and have the weight removed using slicing or razoring techniques that will create a more, natural graduated effect.