Growing Your Hair Faster, Longer, Stronger

Tips And Treats

So you want to grow your hair longer and you don’t have the time to wait? First, let’s see if this is at all possible and educate ourselves in hair growth care.

Your genes will determine the maximum rate at which your hair will grow. For most people this is averaging half an inch a month, and there is not much one can do to make it any faster. However, you can take steps to ensure your strands are growing at their optimal rate and not falling out before they should. You can optimise hair growth at the fastest rate possible by ensuring your hair is healthy from roots to ends, nourishing from inside out, and giving it lots of care.

First consider your scalp. It’s the environment from which hair grows. It is essential to look after your scalp if you want to grow long and strong hair. Regular cleansing, daily toning and weekly exfoliating scalp mask commendable treatments.

Where hair supplements are concerned, you can take healthy levels of certain minerals to boost hair growth and help prevent breakage. A high-quality iron supplement can ensure you don’t lack iron which is said to cause hair loss. Biotin is another supplement you can take, the lack of which leads to loss of hair.

Hair will start to break off if it reaches a certain length. Hence, use products that will strengthen hair and keep it in great condition. Using a weekly pre-shampoo conditioning treatment will plump the hair shaft with moisture, improving elasticity and strength.

Is your diet healthy for your hair? Protein and complex carbohydrates are key to maintaining a good hair growth cycle. A diet with both of these during the most important meal times of the day – breakfast and lunch- can give your hair strength when energy use is at its highest.

Are you brushing hair correctly? Your brush shouldn’t damage your hair’s outer cuticle, which protects the strands from damage. Rounded, plastic prongs and a cushioned base are better than boar bristle brushes. Also, brush hair from the roots up and not the the other way around. It can cause friction to the shaft.

Lastly, trim your hair ends without taking off length, like an invisible cut every 3 months. Follow with regular strengthening treatments to prevent breakage and always use a thermal heat protection product when using heating tools. A keratin blow dry can add protein.

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