Why a Hair Consultation is Important

A Heart-to-Heart Talk About Hair

Any hair care routine should have a hair consultation with experts, namely your stylist or colorist. It’s a very important part of hair care, especially when it comes to decision-making regarding a new hairstyle or a color change. It is best that you begin any type of hair service with a consultation.

You may opt for an everyday style or an intricate wedding updo, or a simple blow-dry, but just the same, your hairstylist must understand your needs for the service to run without issue. When you have a hair consultation, you’re having an open communication, making clear what your expectations are while your stylist can inject pointers and make clarifications. It’s the best way to determine the outcome.

In a consultation, be sure to give your stylist important information, such as: what you really like done and what you don’t like. If it’s a hair cut style or a color, it will be best to have a picture of it. The salon will surely have a catalog of sorts for you to look over and make a final decision. Your stylist may also suggest the cut or color fitted to you based on your preferences, your lifestyle.

It is also good to give some information about yourself, the occasion for which you need the service done. It may also help to share if you can afford the time and dedication for home care, styling and maintenance. You can also give a history about your hair, particularly any latest treatment you’ve had, including products used. It can be important for your stylist to know for it may have an adverse effect on the procedure you are seeking, affecting the hairstyle or your hair. Mention, too, if there are any bad hairstyling experience you’ve had to serve as a guide to your stylist.

Listen to your stylist when advice, tips or precautions are given. The stylist can forward suggestions and it is really up to you to help you make decisions. And to be able to enjoy the results for as long as it takes, mind the stylist’s advice on maintenance, home care and other requirements.

It doesn’t really seem to take that long for a good consultation before you can proceed with the service you seek. A good 10 to 15 minutes may be all that is required, maybe longer if you have some issues. A good hair salon makes time for these preliminaries which are all too important, really. Over time, as you and your stylist get familiar with each other, these consultations can be a breeze.

Happy Hair Consultations in Bellevue

We always have friendly and breezy consults at Geena’s hair salon in Bellevue. So if it’s a new cut or a new hair color you want, we are always happy to sit down with you and talk hair.