How Often Should You Have A Trim?

To Trim or Not To Trim

Having a hair trim does not usually make it to the top of to-do list for most women. Sometimes it’s just a dread to have this done. But later, you wonder why you keep putting it off because you simply feel amazing after. Hair trimming is an important part of self-care and can even be considered therapeutic.

You will know it’s time for a trim when you see split ends start to show up, when your hair feels bulky, dry and drab, and when you couldn’t handle those tangles any more. As everyone is different, so is one’s hair texture which may require different frequencies as far as trimming time is concerned.

For the buzzcut, women will need to schedule regular upkeep. Though it takes hair a full month to grow half-an-inch, people are better able to see the growth on a buzzcut because it’s so short. Then you’ll require touch-ups every three weeks.

The pixie is a short cut with a shape that needs to be maintained. It’s really important to get frequent cuts every six weeks. Hence, it doesn’t mean that short hair styles, such as a pixie, will need less taking care of. To maintain its shape and still look good, it takes that frequent a cut.

Shoulder-length hair is easier to manage. A mid-length cut can hang on longer than a short one.If yours is something slightly above the shoulders, by the time the ends brush your shoulders again, you’ll know it’s time for a trim. It should be around every eight weeks.

Long hair requires the least visits to the salon. If you have a one-length cut and your hair is of fine texture, every 2-3 months visit to your stylist is fine. If the hair is thicker, curly, or heavily layered, trimming time may be shorter than 3 months. Now when you notice layers seem to disappear or when you find that the middle of your hair is fuller than usual, it’s time for a snip.

How about if you are growing your hair out and you’re needing a trim?

Give your hair a chance to grow, but not too long before that length needs to be cut off. If you get your haircut too often during the grow out process, you’re just cutting off the new length. You can have a trim every 12-16 weeks if you’re trying to grow your hair out. However, the less stress you’re putting your hair through on a daily basis, the longer you can go between trims. For example, the more you bleach, color, or utilize styling tools like blow dryers, the more frequent your trims should be.

The Best Times To Trim in Bellevue

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