Your Hair Beauty Routine in Winter

Winter Tips for Great Hair

After a sticky summer, it’s time to switch to cool weather alternatives for hair and skin. The key to ultra-shiny hair in even the harshest, driest season is not to wait at the last minute. Your hair needs hydration, nourishment, and protection more so during this time.

What would you need? Firstly, transition to shine butter. Super-moisturize with a finishing butter melt into your hair and scalp for a lightweight shine. Reapply for days to refresh and reset your hair. Just a small amount between your palms to rub, then lightly pat, scrunch, or comb through hair for extra moisture.

Try a hair oil vegan formula, especially with ethically sourced ingredients. If you can find one that smells good too, like with blended cold-pressed almond oil and Bulgarian rose petals, it’s a dream scent. For soft and silky hair all cold season long, apply to wet or damp hair after shower working it through, or you can retouch on dry ends.

Treat your hair once a week to a deep conditioning treatment. It can replenish moisture which tends to deplete in cold winter air or in a dry-heated apartment.

Get regular trims to keep your hair in good health during the winter months – every six to eight weeks, just getting a light dusting of the ends helps reduce the chance of dry, splitting ends.

How often do you wash your hair? Keep that to a minimum, two to three times a week will prevent hair from drying out too much. Make sure you dry your hair before leaving the house, as the moisture in your hair will combine with the cold air and further damage to your making it more brittle and dry.

You can wear a hat that will keep your hair covered from the wind, rain and snow. But avoid this if you don’t want some of your hair getting caught in the hat fibers. Instead, wrap your hair in a silk scarf before putting on your wool beanie. This helps to protect your hair from damage caused by the hat rubbing against your hair and it also cuts down on the static.

You can also fight static if you use a good heat styling product for blow drying. This can also be used on dry hair before using a curling iron or flat iron.

Winter-Ready Hair in Bellevue

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