The Fabulous Brazilian Blowout at Hair Salon in Bellevue

Why Fabulous?
You will love your hair after a Brazilian blowout.
This is a professional smoothing treatment that uses a bonding technology providing a protective coating of protein around hair and ultimately smooths out the hair cuticle. The result is a frizz-free and curl-free head of hair that is smooth, sleek and glossy.

Brazilian differs from the well-known and highly recommended Keratin Treatment option in that the former is a completed treatment at the salon. There is no need to wait three days to wet/wash your hair or fear using clips and putting up the hair in pony tails. No demarcation lines will appear on Brazilian-treated hair as new hair grows unlike when Keratin Treatment is used.

Is Brazilian Blowout for me?
Geena Moon will tell you that the treatment works well with many frizzy type hair textures. Best candidates are frizzy, damaged or processed hair. She can work up a curly hair and turn it slightly wavy with Brazilian blowout, or straight hair more straight without the frizz. Outcomes are more manageable hair with body and bounce, glistening in the light, and absolutely healthy-looking.

On top of these, she guarantees the treatment also works on chemically-treated hair, on top of permed, relaxed , colored, and straightened hair.
Take Geena’s advice on how to keep your Brazilian-treated locks longer and as gorgeous as when you just had it at her hair salon in Bellevue.