Developing Your Child’s Hair Care Habits

Shampooing and Other Hair Health Habits for Kids

Teaching your child the rudiments of healthy hair care can be a fun and exciting challenge for both you and your child. Firstly, teach your child how to wash his/her hair in simple steps to help the child develop healthy hair-care habits. Then you can also show your young one other tips to maintain lovely locks.

Teach your child how to wet hair and scalp with warm water to make ready for shampooing. With a drop-size of shampoo in the palm of your child’s hand, rather than on his or her head, makes it easier to apply. Shampoo is applied to the scalp and gently massage the roots of hair. This is better than applying the shampoo on hair only. If so, it will lead to dull and coarse hair. You might end also with flyaway hair ends. Also, rubbing shampoo into hair, rather than massaging it, can lead to hair breaks.

Teach the child also to use a conditioner, especially so if his/her hair tends to be dry or is curly. Now your child must know that it is always good to rinse well. Hair must be suds-free for that ensures all dirt and shampoo are washed away.

Help your child wrap a towel around the wet hair, so as the towel absorbs excess water. Rubbing hair dry with the towel can damage the hair, causing it to break. Combing out damp hair gently with a wide-tooth comb is another healthy practice. Use gentle strokes; yanking or pulling can pull out or break hair. Help kids develop other good hair-care habits to prevent hair damage. For example, consider styles that don’t require heat and chemical treatments; if heat must be used, then the lowest heat application is alright. Understand that relaxers, dyes, and other hairstyle products use chemicals and can damage hair. Children must not have long and too-often treatments, if at all. Loosen up braids and ponytails also.

Outdoor hair care is also important for children. Such as, after a swim. Make sure to wash away pool chemicals, to shampoo for normal to oily hair, and conditioner also for dry or Afro-American hair. To protect your child’s hair from intense sun heat, a wide-brimmed hat is helpful.

Be conscious about the many things that damage your child’s hair. They can accumulate over the years leading to unhealthy and unattractive hair. The best way to prevent unhealthy hair is to teach children healthy hair care habits.

Bringing Up Healthy Hair-Conscious Kids in Bellevue

When you bring your young kids at Geena Moon’s, we are sure to give them more helpful tips to care for hair. Hair demonstrations make a big impact in their learning process. That’s only here in Bellevue.