Seven 2023 Trending Hairstyles You’ll Love

For All Types of Hair

Hairstylists are saying that hair trends this 2023 are taking the maximalist approach. We are done with the minimalist, subtle, and easy-does-it styles that characterize the pandemic and post-pandemic periods. Now with all that behind us, more is better, the bigger the better. Waves should be bigger, so do curls and waves, and bigger color changes.

Here are hair trends that scream back-to-office styles, back-to-normal pizazz and oomphs. Hairstylists say: for 2023, think classic looks, healthy yet voluminous, modern chic with layers, curls, and twists.
The ’90s ‘satchel cut’ is a mix between a satchel and a shag. It’s great for fine or thin hair and gives the look of more layers. The style does not make hair look limp or thin. It’s breezy and light but gives the impression of a well-thought hair style.

The Curly Shag is awesome for those with curls. It gives purpose to a hairstyle, projecting volume and freedom of movement. If you have a certain face shape and type of hair, it defines your total look.

The Long Shag is for hair lengths that you want defined and eye-catching. It volumizes where it needs to because it lifts your layers. It actually can soften facial features.

Parted in the Middle Straight Hair is a no-nonsense style for the classic lady. It’s a 70s look that’s making a comeback. Apply oil or hair serum to keep it shiny and protected all day.

The High Bun and Ponytail is a face-framing style that keeps the hair like a crown you wear. It’s so simple that it looks like you just fixed it in less than a minute. Keep in place with lots of bobby pins while a few strands are let loose for a softer look.

The Updo with Volume is a slicked-back updo that carries volume in place. If your hair is flat or fine, grab some velcro rollers and roll up in 5 or 7 places all around, let loose and pin behind. Be sure you have the volume just up enough and stay with hairspray.

The ‘90s Grunge Hair is getting everybody to fall in love with it. It’s just short or long hair with more layers and choppy pieces. The great thing is it’s achievable with any hair length or style.


Getting The Trending Look in Bellevue

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