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The Long and Short of it

Women who wear their hair long and loose used to be called fabulous and sexy. They still are. Yet the short-haired style is still preferred by not a few and these women are just as fabulous-looking. There’s something about short hair that calls attention to the face – the eyes, complexion, the smile – that seem to jump out from under the crop and more of the person can be seen.

In total perspective, the ladies exude freedom of movement, self-assurance, and whole lot of spunk. Hence, that is why wearing it short requires girl courage. Most women fear that a short crop is losing a bit of femininity – no more braids, buns or ponytails.

A hairdresser’s proper cut, especially when with a complementing hue, can make a major difference between fabulous and plain or eye-catching and commonplace. There are many styles that are just great-looking on magazine models or popular movie stars but you must not forget that styles have to match facial features and personality for maximum impact.

Stylists can tell you so for that’s just what they do everyday. Your hair texture and skin complexion also play major parts in decision-making for short hair; even one’s neck size and body lines are considered. But make no mistake about it – it doesn’t mean that there are too many deterrents to sporting short hair.

There are lots of things a girl can do with it. Short hairstyles are going to be in vogue. Don’t miss the opportunity to be fabulous.

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