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Understanding the Effects of UV Exposure on Hair

Helpful Tips for Healthy Summer Hair

Did you know that UV effects of the sun can cause damage to your hair? Like most people who enjoy the beach, doing all sorts of water activities, including sunbathing, you would go to great lengths to protect your skin. Even with lots of sunscreen on, you overlook that part of you that also needs protection – your hair.

According to experts in hair and scalp care treatments, a lot of damage happens to hair exposed to extended UV radiation. Your hair fibers weaken, become brittle, dry, and lose color. As the sun beats down on your hair, fibers break down, as well as the color. The result is rough-textured hair and lackluster appearance.

Keratin, a major component of hair, is lost on prolonged sun exposure. Radiation breaks it down, leading to fibers thinning and weakening and resulting in more regular snapping and breaking. Your scalp will also be affected. Extended burning of your scalp will actually damage the hair follicles. While your hair will always grow back and the fiber will replace itself, the damage to the scalp from burning under the sun can be painful and uncomfortable. The effects can be long-lasting, even irreparable. Your scalp can be very sensitive – to touch, brushing and hair treatments. It may also lead to skin cancer.

Can you minimize the effects of UV radiation on your hair?

Yes, and there are different ways. Normally, wearing a hat can shut out most of the radiation. You can use hair products with built-in SPF, which protects the scalp and the hair. There are hair oil products that contain essential oils, like sunflower seeds, safflower, avocado, jojoba, and coconut. Use sesame oil which acts as a natural UV filter. Products with castor oil add shine. They both can prevent salt and chlorine from staying on to your hair.

Use conditioner to bring back moisture to your hair after UV exposure. Choose sulfate-free, silicone-free, and paraben free conditioner. Hydrating conditioners with essential oils and vitamins are also helpful. Hair creams that are nourishing, prevent breakage, and control frizz also provide sun protection before you go under the sun.

Minimize your hair’s exposure to sea water and pool water. They make your hair vulnerable to UV radiation, altering the proteins in your hair. Be sure to wash your hair clean as soon as possible after you are done with your beach or pool activities. You can also use a hair mask as additional protection.


More Sun Protection Tips for Hair in Bellevue

Learn more about sun protection for your hair, especially this summer. Before you hit the beach, see Gina Moon, your favorite hair salon in Bellevue for more tips.

Summer Care for Hair: The Chlorine Dilemma

Countering the Negative Effects

So you expect to do a lot of swimming this summer. You must know that a day of dipping into a chlorine pool can do some damage to your hair. Chlorine protects swimmers from harmful bacteria that can grow in swimming pools. However, if you soak too long in the water, it can take its toll on your skin and hair. Experts say you have to prepare your hair to save yourself from being sorry that you have ruined your locks. Here are some helpful tips.

Know your hair type. Some hair types are more prone to extreme dryness and tangling. Chlorine in water strips hair of their natural oils, leaving your hair dry and brittle. The curlier and tighter your hair pattern, the more dry and tangled it becomes due to chlorine. That’s because curls are naturally drier than straight or wavy hair.

Be ready before you jump in. Prepare your hair by putting on a rich conditioner or a leave-on conditioner and detangling your hair strands as hair absorbs chlorine. Also, chlorine can turn blonde hair into a greenish color, initiating chemical reactions which accelerate under UV light. UV rays mixed with chlorine can cause hair protein oxidation which weakens hair strands and causes split ends. A good conditioner limits chlorine penetration as it acts as a water repellant. Using a swim cap adds more protection.

When you are done with swimming, wash with a clarifying shampoo. As soon as possible, rinse, shampoo, detangle, and reapply conditioner to your hair. Use a sulfate-free clarifying shampoo which is not harsh.

Condition well. Go for a moisturizing deep conditioner. If you have curly hair or a coily pattern, you will need to continue adding more moisture to your hair for the next few days. Remember that even natural hair is not exempt from the negative effects of chlorine.


Learning More About Hair Care in Bellevue

Summer is here and it’s time to get expert advice from your stylist about hair care. Visit us at Gina Moon’s hair salon in Bellevue soon.

2021 Summer Color Inspirations for Brunettes

Color Ideas for Brunettes

If you’re a brunette, you can have lots of fun with the new hair colors trending this summer. With these options, brunettes can dish those misconceptions that say brown hair is boring and only light colors work for summer. Celebrity colorists are saying these are the trending brunette hair colors, along with tips on how to maintain them.

Ombré highlights on brunette hair is the best because it stays true to the color without going too blonde, for example, caramel and honey highlights. It mimics natural hair and so it is one of those hues that will never go away in style. Experts advise that to keep the colors from fading, use color-safe shampoo and conditioner that are sulfate-free and acidic to keep hair balanced.

Red tones are great hues for the summer because they are warm tones that match the climate. It’s also head-turning, vibrant, wearable daily, and fades out beautifully. To care for this look, use color-safe products, especially if you will use heat to style or go out for periods under the sun.

Chunky highlights, which are a hit in the 90’s, are trending again. The look is iconic and tends towards nostalgia. To maintain the look, invest in a blow dryer that doesn’t rely on wind power and pressure to dry hair.

Sun-kissed Balayage can either be honey blonde or caramel highlights on a brown base. The lighter hue is painted onto the hair to create a natural-blended highlight effect. It tends to accentuate your facial features, creates dimension to hair, and is super low maintenance. Use extra gloss to keep it shiny and healthy-looking.

The Money Piece Highlight is really a cost-effective choice though many celebrities are favoring it. It brightens the look without having to have your entire head of hair highlighted. Experts however say that it becomes important to take care of your hair health because the chemical processing can be damaging. This may happen whenever you add any bright blonde shade to dark hair. Choose a formula that hydrates and puts in shine and smoothness.

Mushroom Brown or Sandy Brown is for brunettes who want to stick to cool undertones for summer. It combines earthy brown as the primary color with ashy gray or creamy highlights to bring it to life. The finished look is subtle, stunning, and simple.


Getting Your New Summer Look in Bellevue

If you are now ready to recreate your summer look, come to Geena Moon’s hair salon in Bellevue.

These Summer Hair Colors Are Awesome for 2021

Standout Sunshine Hair Colors

It’s summertime and the new season calls for something new. The new season is looking for a new look and what better way than to go for a hair color change. While last year had its popular trends, this year’s trends are departures or come with surprising twists. With more mobility and activities around, more experimenting with colors are seen. Summer colors are fresh, gorgeous, and low-maintenance. Here they are:

Money Piece Highlights are so named because they are a time-saver and cost-effective coloring process. Any shade of highlights is ok, but mostly seen are blonde, pink or red. Face-framing sections are head-turners.

Copper is great for summer – goldish red and brown shine! They can be integrated into your current color with highlights and lowlights. It makes your face glow. You can also try dyeing your locks all copper.

Pastel hues this year will have some unexpected shades. Though some are classics, like rose-inspired hues, there are other playful pastels like soft peach tones, mint green, and icy blue.

Caramel’s sweet shade of brown looks great on all hair types. The color choice adds warmth to the strands and is perfect when mixed with other tones. Another similar color like this is almond.

Creamy Platinum gives hair the best of both worlds: a cool-toned blonde with the warmth and creaminess of a honey blonde shade. However, only the right products can result in fresh-looking hues without leaving brassy or yellow tones.

Mutitone Blonde is different shades of blonde that creates a beautiful blend that can be described as another unique color. It’s very summery and a major inspiration for the new season.

Grainy Golden reflects the most light, leaving a lot of shimmer on the hair. And who wouldn’t like sparklers in their hair in the summertime. Gold tones are very popular, just like stepping out of a salon after an ultra shine.


Getting Your Summer Color in Bellevue

Don’t let summer pass you by without getting any of the trending colors mentioned. Make your appointment soon at Geena Moon, your favorite hair salon in Bellevue.

Caring For Your Scalp

Weak and Thin Hair

Do you find that a lot of your hair is coming in weak and thin? There are numerous potential causes for such a development, and some of them easier to deal with than others. If you’re like many people, you may simply need to take better care of your scalp.

Scalp Health

Though you probably are accustomed to shampooing your hair regularly, fostering a healthy head of hair also means regular upkeep of the skin that the hair grows out of. Product residues, dead skin cells, and other grime can build up on your scalp, leading to clogged hair follicles which can impede the growth of your hair. You can clear away this build-up by applying a quality astringent to your scalp about once a week, then shampooing as normal. Check out your local drugstore to find a product that works for you.

Hair Consultation at our Bellevue Hair Salon

For additional help getting the best out of your hair, come to Geena Moon. Our hair salon in Bellevue can give you the strong, healthy, and attractive hair that you deserve.

Natural Products at our Bellevue Hair Salon

Partners for Healthy Hair

Believing in natural, organic products that are also sustainable, Geena Moon subscribes to certified healthy formulations in her hair treatments. A major name in her line-up of hair products is that of LOMA, a family-owned business based in Washington that’s been in the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality hair care systems for over 25 years.

Loma Hair Products at Geena Moon Bellevue Hair Salon

LOMA hair products are certified aloe vera gel based with it well-known healing and hair-growing properties. Geena Moon loves their fragrant moisturizing and nourishing shampoos and conditioners and their styling gels and creams. Imperative in Geena’s repertoire is LOMA’s Fortifying Repairative Tonic which catalyzes hair color, and the Nourishing Oil Treatment, an anti-oxidant and thermal protector.

LOMA products have an excellent safety profile. They do not incorporate paraben in their formulas that are product life-extenders linked to breast tumors and fertility concerns. They also have gluten- free products. Also, Geena goes for LOMA’s sulfate-free shampoos that do not strip hair of essential oils and color pigments, and their other sodium chloride-free hair products that yields softer hair and are kinder to the scalp.

Healthy Hair Products

While the beauty market is so saturated with hair products with claims ranging from tame to tantalizing, fundamental to fantastic, Geena chooses the natural, organic path to hair wellness for her clients’ safety and well-being. She and LOMA are of the same philosophy that hair care should be natural, safe, and sustainable.

Sleeping Habits That Damage Hair

Nightly Hair Habits

Did you know that certain things you do while sleeping can cause damage to your hair? Yes, there are seemingly harmless habits you are up to that unmindfully may be harmful to your hair. Consider the following.

You are using pillowcases made up of materials other than silk. Be a silk or satin sleeper. Preserve your hair while sleeping. Tossing and turning on a smooth surface allows hair to glide – not get roughed up. You can place the hair in a loose bun, wrap it with a silk/satin scarf, or sleep with a silk/satin pillowcase. It might seem over-cautious to switch up your bedding, but regardless of your hair texture, breakage can happen to anyone.

If you feel better going to bed after brushing your teeth, then brushing your hair before sleeping applies, too. Brushing the hair before bed distributes the natural oils of the hair and conditions it while you sleep. Keep brushing to a minimum, certainly not the 100 strokes beauty myth. Too much of anything can ruin hair.

Wash, dry, and style your hair before going to bed. It’s not only refreshing but it conditions your hair as well. If your hair is smooth and sleek hair, wrap it at the nape and around the head; secure with bobby pins. For curly or wavy hair, twist your hair nice and tight into a topknot, securing on the highest point of the head. Use a fabric hair tie to secure it instead of elastics. The next morning, simply unravel and apply a little serum to style.

Do you go to bed with wet hair? Experts say it’s ultimately a bad idea. When the hair is wet, its elasticity is loosened, which makes it easier to snap and break. It also causes friction and can create tangles in the hair.

Hair regenerates while we sleep, just like our skin. Use those sleeping hours with your hair in an overnight masque. Comb it through the hair, pulling longer pieces into a loose bun. To protect your sheets, toss a towel or old clothing over the pillowcase. Do choose a masque designed for periodic overnight treatment only, not a regular conditioner which may have ingredients not suitable for prolonged application.

Learning Good Hair Habits in Bellevue

Learn more about caring for your locks while you sleep. Certain good habits can be relearned. You won’t forget our easy, helpful tips when you come visit us at Geena Moon’s hair salon in Bellevue.

Best Foods for Growing Healthy Hair

Amazing Hair Benefits of Everyday Foods

Keratin is a tough protein in cells found in hair and they need to be constantly nourished with minerals and vitamins to make your hair long and strong. There are amazing superfoods that can do these to your hair. You just have to make a daily habit of them!

Protein is the hair’s building block, because that’s what hair is made of. Be sure you get your fair share of protein, and eggs are a top choice. You also need biotin to produce more protein and this vitamin is required for cell proliferation. Whole grains, and nuts like almonds, are rich in biotin.

Iron is an essential mineral that your hair cells require. Spinach and other dark leafy vegetables , like Swiss chard and broccoli, provide your iron. They also contain vitamin A and C. If you are deficient in iron, your hair roots and follicles do not get sufficient oxygen and nutrients, and that can weaken your strands and inhibit hair growth.

Add citrus fruits to your diet for vitamin C. Vitamin C is for the production of collagen needed by capillaries that connect to the hair shafts, ensuring regular supply of nutrients. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant that strengthens the hair shaft and hair follicles, as well as prevents breakage. Lime and oranges are good sources, though yellow bell peppers have almost five and a half times more vitamin C than oranges.

Omega-3 fatty acids nourish the hair and support thickening and you have to have a diet rich in these as your body cannot produce them. Go for nuts and seeds like almonds, walnuts, flaxseeds also have seafood like salmon, sardines and mackerel.

Vitamin A is required for the growth of every hair cell. It helps the scalp produce the natural sebum oil which keeps scalp and the roots healthy to boost hair growth. Drink carrot juice and eat sweet potatoes. Choose foods loaded with beta carotene over supplementing with high doses of vitamin A.

Another hair growth super food is avocado, rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E improves blood circulation and helps the follicles work more efficiently to promote hair growth. It also maintains the oil and ph levels balance of the scalp so that clogging doesn’t happen, otherwise it can stunt hair growth. Also, avocados contain high concentrations of essential fatty acids. Another rich vitamin E source is sunflower seeds.

Giving Healthy Hair Advice in Bellevue

Know more about amazing hair growth foods at Geena Moon’s salon in Bellevue. Have a great hair day eating these healthy super foods, and grow your hair long, strong and amazing.

Balayage at Hair Salon in Bellevue

The Beauty of Balayage

Balayage has been around for years and yet only when top movie stars and models started wearing it did it gain a huge following. It has become a most in-demand colour treatment in many salons all over the world. People love its natural soft flow through the hair, as though sun-kissed, as if not really applied colour. A great balayage treatment is an expert mix of color sets that brings out the final color matching the skin tone and highlighting the features of the wearer.
It’s a freehand technique that depends on skill. It differs from using foils that otherwise give clear-cut highlights. The technique is just to apply the color on the surface of hair and not needing to saturate strands through and through until the ends. Color blends well even if you start having re-growth of new hair. You wear the color longer and just need to protect it from harsh shampoos, treatments or heating. It’s great-looking on long or short hair, except for cropped hair, and on light or dark colored hair of varying textures.

Go Balayage with Expert in Bellevue Hair Salon

Geena Moon offers full or partial Balayage colour and cut treatments at her hair salon in Bellevue. Set your appointment with the expert who can advise you properly as to the combination and style that will look most flattering and natural with your skin tone and facial features. Though the treatment may be a bit pricey for those stunning results, Geena also offers foil colour treatment and cut that might be more affordable.

The Art of Japanese Thermal Straightening in Bellevue

The Search for the Perfect Straight Hair

If you have always lived and worked with straight hair, then you might be well familiar with all manner of hair straightening methods in the market. There must have been a time of salon-hopping in your search for that perfect straight hair, the best expert on it, and the best value for money.

You might have your favorite salon by now but do they do the Japanese Thermal method?
The Japanese Thermal Straightening will give you silky smooth straight hair that is permanent and needing no re-application except for new hair growths at the roots. Hair is perfectly pin-straight and low-maintenance. You’ll love your new hair’s glossy, frizz-free look that will last you a good 8 to 10 months or even up to one year.

It’s because this method uses heat to permanently seal hair shaft bonds in place after chemical treatment. Sometimes it is referred to as thermal reconditioning and might be pricier than other similar treatments owing to its longer term benefits.

Being safe with Japanese Thermal Treatment

Geena Moon, of the popular Geena Moon Hair Salon in Bellevue, is an expert in this application. She is one of the first practitioners of this system in the area and has many happy clients over the years attesting to her skill. Japanese Thermal is a delicate procedure that, if done incorrectly or if the stylist is inexperienced, may damage the hair.

It remains one of Geena Moon’s most requested treatments at her salon in Bellevue, while she continues to train in new techniques and brings in quality systems and products for her clients.

Celebrities with Diamond-Shaped Faces Rocking These Hairstyles

All Worth The Look

Did you know that the diamond-shaped face is quite difficult to spot?

It is one of the most uncommon of all face shapes. The diamond-shaped face has a small pointed chin, wide cheekbones, and a hairline that peaks at the top center of a narrow forehead. Since we are accustomed to look at celebrity faces, there are quite a few we pick out as having this shape of face. So here are some of them and the great hairstyles that they rock.

Jennifer Lopez has a deep side part and long side bangs that flatter her defined features, while lengthening the appearance of her face. She also has a lot of volume in her hair. She softened her forehead, making it look less high and narrow with short wispy bangs or side-swept bangs. Halle Berry’s wavy lob has that ‘balanced fullness.’ Instead of her volume gradually decreasing into thin ends, her hair maintains fullness towards her chin.

If you have a strong chin and jawline, like Tyra Banks’s, you can add some soft face-framing layers to balance out your look; use frizz-defying oil to make strands look sleek and shiny like hers. Rihanna’s face can be classified as diamond. She sports a side part that lengthens the look of her face while still keeping her high cheekbones on display. With this style, face framing bangs are great to accentuate the cheekbones while balancing out a narrow forehead.

Serena Williams’s diamond-shaped face is complemented by a full head of gorgeous, springy curls. They tend to lift her face, making her look youthful, and radiant. Kerry Washington’s high ponytail is swept- back and volumized at the crown of her head, which elongates her face and widens a narrow forehead, putting all her features on display. Kelly Rowland’s pixie cut with soft side swept bangs is another great style to accentuate the more prominent features on an angular, diamond shaped face.

Vanessa Hudgens’s side-swept bangs always look amazing on her diamond-shaped face; and longer bobs are great as well. The idea is to open up the face by adding a fringe, which will complement the bone structure. Megan Fox is known for her long hair parted in the center. Her long, wavy strands cascade down both sides of her face, which accentuate her sharp cheekbones and narrow chin.

Source with photo references.

Looking for a hairstyle to flatter your face shape?

Come see Geena Moon at Geena Moon’s hair salon in Bellevue. She can offer these amazing options to flatter diamond-shaped faces.

What Are The Best Hairstyles for Heart-Shaped Faces

Four of the Best Hairstyles

What does a heart-shaped face look like?

Basically, it is a broad forehead and cheekbones with a narrow jawline and chin. Another way of putting it is that heart-shaped faces tend to be wider through the cheeks and jaw, narrowing out through the chin. To balance this, choose a hairstyle with a cut that decreases your brow width and increases the width of the lower half of your face. Here are the best styles that suit a squarish face.

The Lob

It is a popular and universal choice for heart-shaped faces. It is also a perfect haircut to try when transitioning from long to shorter length. Keep the length on the longer side in front, hitting the collar bone, and avoid very short layers or it will look too boxy. When styling a lob, part it in the middle with the hair blown forward. This closes in some of the width while highlighting the jawline.

Long Pixie

This is the perfect option when you are looking for some drastic change. It will show off those cheekbones more. The longer layers provide texture and softness, and for real versatility, give hair movement. Whether you go edgy or romantic, the long pixie is a statement-making look in the best possible way. However, this easy-to-style hair cut requires more visits to the salon to maintain its pristine shape. The Long Pixie can make a long face appear to be even more oblong, and a square face look more squarish. Not everyone can wear a pixie, but the heart-shaped face surely can.

Long Layers

This hairstyle loves heart-shaped faces. Long, wavy layers elongate and add fullness around the jawline. With side-swept bangs it makes for a timeless style. This is the haircut when you want to add some layers and more movement to long hair without committing to a drastic change. Layers should start at the chin to open up the face. An additional feature would be side bangs that hit the cheekbone or your lip will complement those long lengths. And if you want to pull your hair back into a ponytail, the short fringe emphasizes the cheekbone on a heart-shaped face.


The heart-shaped face can get away with a blunt fringe, which is always a great option. However, if you’re not ready for that, you can go for a soft fringe, starting toward the end of the eyebrows and feathering downward. They are great also if you have a large forehead. However, don’t do a short fringe if you have a small forehead since it can end up drawing too much attention to the chin. Style your blunt bangs with texture-laden beach waves for balance.


Hairstyle Options for the Heart-Shaped Face

Whenever you like to shift to a new hairstyle, you can try all these amazing options year-in and year-out at Geena Moon’s hair salon in Bellevue.

The Best Hairstyles for The Square Face: Part Two

Hairstyles for The Square Face

Shoulder-length Textured Layers is great on a square face. Light waves and highlights help soften the sharp, angular jawline, even if the hair is parted in the middle. Feathered Shoulder-Length is a flattering hairstyle, with long layers starting just below the chin, the hair ending at the shoulders. Long hair puts attention on the hair length and takes attention completely away from the jaw line.

Mid-Length With Bangs is a classic soft style. Side-swept bangs will soften the jaw and the length right above the bust will allow for so many versatile hairstyles. Wavy With Bangs are side-swept bangs that soften a square jawline. For a perfectly balanced and flawless look, use a quality shine spray, as the texture is key.

The Textured Pixie is a short, choppy cut that hugs the head shape and creates a soft, youthful look. It softens the corners of the jaw and brings attention to the eyes while creating height and movement. Best when it’s one-inch long in the nape, gradually getting longer, to about 3 to 5 inches in the crown to the bangs area. Long, Sleek, and Straight requires minimal styling. No need to layer. It can be kept modern and sleek by blunt-cutting the length with very little face-framing pieces.

A ’70s throwback, the Modern Shag opens the face and rounds the jaw line with short, face-framing layers, and draws attention to the cheekbones. A curtain bang can be added to accentuate the roundness of the cut, with the shortest strands between the eyes and feather out to between the cheekbones and jaw. The Modern Pageboy is a soft style with timeless appeal. Additional side swept bangs will soften the jaw, rounding out an otherwise square face.

How about waves?

The Wavy With Texture is full of texture and the choppy ends are a great look for square faces. Sophisticated Waves can be created for super-straight hair by spritzing it with a styling spray and winding 2-inch sections around the barrel of a curling iron. Finger-comb out and finish with holding spray. Long Waves With Side-Swept Bangs graze the brows, hitting just below the brow but longer on the sides. Wispy bangs allow some forehead to peek through.


Options for Square-Shaped Face in Bellevue

Come over to Geena Moon’s hair salon when you’re thinking of getting a new hairstyle. Whether if it’s to soften your jawline or accentuating the jaw for a sharper, chic look.

The Best Hairstyles for The Square Face: Part One

Softening the Jawline

A square-shaped face features a broad forehead, wide cheekbones, and a strong jawline. They all may be of the same width but the key to a square face lies in the jawline, and its sharp angles. So, the most flattering hairstyle is the cut that softens these features. Celebrities with famous square-shape faces are Rosario Dawson, Megan Fox, and Gwynet Paltrow. Here are the most beautiful cuts that top hair stylists recommend for their clients with square-shaped faces.

The Shoulder-Length Wavy Texture adds softness to a strong jawline. Natural waves or curls can camouflage the angular features of the jaw. Volume is important when it comes to a square face. And so, to add volume, you can consider drying your roots in the opposite direction or by applying a volumizing mousse. A Deep Side Part for longer hair is gorgeous. All the length swept to one side with plenty of shine draws attention to the length of the hair rather than to the jawline. For volume, a curling iron to create bouncy waves is better versus a flat iron. The Textured Shoulder Length is achieved if hair is flat-ironed. It has a curtain effect if parted in the middle that hides the sharp edges of the jaw. It can show off amazing cheekbones.

As long as they are soft and layered, the Tousled Long Bob is lovely on a square face. It may elongate the face but maintains a nice edge. To achieve the Long Soft Bob, from hair straight to wavy, cut with a razor to soften the ends and create many layers. The resulting lines are natural, any weight or bluntness is removed.


Options for Square-Shaped Face in Bellevue

Come over to Geena Moon’s hair salon when you’re thinking of getting a new hairstyle. Wondering if they’ll have something better for your squarish face? What we have for you will delight you.

These Hairstyles for Round Faces are Flattering

Styles That Make The Difference

Do you have a round face that makes you worry about which hairstyle suits you best?

Top hair stylists have curated exceptionally varied and flattering hairstyles that will blow your worries away. See which one strikes you and go ahead with it.

You’ll notice that if you wear longer hair it can make round faces appear less round. It balances the width of the face, and if the hair is swept to one side, your face will appear more narrow. And that is why side-swept beachy waves are flattering to round faces; it also makes you feel glamorous and quite sexy. On the other hand, your face will appear longer if your hair hangs in loose, beach waves.

A textured lob, with layers and waves that fall below the chin, can also make a round face look longer and narrower. The same effect is also achieved if you add volume at the top of your head. This short hairstyle is great for naturally thick hair. On the other hand, an asymmetrical lob is a chic trend that can make a round face look around two-thirds of its usual width, contrasting nicely if your cheeks are full. The longer part draws attention away from the jawline. The middle part wavy lob draws attention to the center of your face, putting the focus on your best features like your eyes, nose, and lips. Also, the wavy pieces cover your wide, full cheeks and make your face look more oval-shaped. If you have natural, curly hair, the side part natural hair lob is a classic. Your natural volume of curls can create a beautiful frame for your face while making it look slimmer; a side part is an added interesting dimension.

Now if your hair is medium- length, waves and highlights are great diverters. Waves move and draw the eyes down and lengthen the face. Highlights add dimension and draw attention to your features and away from your jawline. Long waves are flattering for round faces, too. You can build volume at the top then let big, loose, flowing waves fall from the center or side part. Your forehead will look smaller and narrower, balancing your facial proportions.

Here are other flattering hairstyles for round faces.

The Short Afro Haircut leaves more length at the crown of your head, combined with shorter sides, to balance your proportions. Your face will look slightly longer, but not wider. An edgy Side Undercut on both sides of the head buzzed or shaved makes your face look slimmer. The iconic Bantu Knots draw the eye outwards in different directions and add height to the face.


Flattering Hairstyles for Round Faces in Bellevue

If you have a round face and are thinking of changing your hairstyle any time soon, come over to Geena Moon’s hair salon in Bellevue. Let’s see what suits you and what strikes you.

Celebrity Short Haircuts Women Will Fall In Love With

Chic, Short, and Sassy Cuts

There is a misconception that short hair does not have versatility. That is absolutely not so. You can do many things with short chops. It may depend on certain factors like the cut, texture, and products used, still you can create and recreate different looks with short hair.

Let’s look up some female celebrities rocking their short hair and find that you’ll be able to pick up your style – across differing ages, facial features, skin tone, hair texture, color and personal style.

Cardi B sports that short Wispy Pixie that is slightly choppy and wispy of course. Some sections of hair can be flattened with a hair iron and just finger-combed for blending. However, Teyana Taylor’s Rockstar Pixie is textured and used a small flat iron. A mousse will shape the hair while wet, and once dry, smaller sections of strands are lifted to give additional volume.

The most low maintenance cut belongs to Jodie Turner-Smith’s Teeny-Weeny Afro; it’s so close to the scalp, it doesn’t need combing. Similarly, Willow Smith’s finger coils are also easy to maintain, though you will need a good styling gel to really hold the coils in place. Cynthia Erivo’s Blonde Buzz Cut is similar to the Teeny-Weeny Afro though you would need a professional colorist to apply the frosty blonde tone.

You might already be familiar with Kristen Stewart’s Bedhead Mohawk. However, to get that messy bedhead look, there must be real volume. It’s messy but the polished look is there. The key is to hold it up and a good blasting freeze hairspray. Or else, your hair will be weighed down.

Kim Kardashian’s blob is timeless and fits her to a ‘T’. Just curl the ends slightly with a large-barrel curling iron and set in place. Kelly Rowland’s Shoulder-Grazing Bob is similar to Kardashian’s except that it is super straight, using a high power blow dryer. It also sports a high-shine finish via a smoothing finishing spray. On the other hand, Crissy Tiegen’s Full AF Lob is described by loose curls achieved by using a large curling wand and is just finger-brushed for that light, care-free finish.

The Sleek Middle Part look of Bella Hadid is the result of using a hair stick that slicks down her middle part and then the rest of her hair is flat-ironed to eliminate the fly-aways.

To achieve Kaia Gerber’s Beachy Waves is not so difficult though it looks really structured. You have to set the hair with a deep wave crimper and then immediately set the curls in place with hairpins. You can keep the pins on to look like Gerber; otherwise, have them off and let the curls fall naturally.

Get Janet Mock’s Textured Fullness, which is all frizz and plenty of texture. Do use a product that builds texture and volume.

If you are ready to embrace short hair, depending on your hair texture and personal preference, you can own anyone of these amazing styles and step out like a celebrity.


Embracing Short Hair in Bellevue

If you are ready to take the plunge, Geena Moon can make your transition smooth and chic when you see her at Geena Moon’s hair salon in Bellevue.

Oval Face: Most Versatile Face Shape for Any Hairstyle: Part Two

Styles for Oval Faces Part Two

Now the bobs

There are very flattering short expressions of the hairstyle depending on the cut. The Classic Bob is versatile, though it’s the same length all around. When flat-ironed and sleek, it can exude sophistication; paired with blunt bangs, an added playful element. The One Length Bob has a swinging effect, reveals the jawline and chin; it’s a cut that suits any hair texture. The Asymmetrical Bob (one side is longer than the other) takes classic bob to the next level. A deep side part and piecey waves add shape and texture. The Layered Bob suits thin hair. Kept short, with few layers for body and texture, and a side-swept bangs accentuate the jawline. An Angled Bob removes any boxiness in the back and slim out any weight toward the front. It’s best appreciated with one side tucked behind the ear to show off the high cheekbones and accentuate the angle.

A shag is soft and that is why it’s the perfect complement for an oval shape face. A Choppy Shag is a tousled look with lots of short layers around the face and sides and a longer back. The result has an airy effect due to the diffused layers. Use a spray wax or mousse and scrunch it for a messy tousled look. The Shoulder-Length Shag, because it is longer, can be worked different ways. Spritz some texture spray or weave in some big curls, or wear some bangs.

Here are other hairstyles suited to the classic oval-shaped face.

The Long and Sleek Cut can also have blunt bangs; if they are longer on the sides, they frame the face and the eyes beautifully. And to match the sleekness of long hair, better blow dry the bangs using a flat or paddle brush rather than a round one. The Shoulder-Length Soft Curls style is versatile. A sophisticated look is a part in the center, or on the side for volume; the sleek style is softened by curls. Instead of lengthening an oval face, it draws the eye upwards. If your hair is curly, to lessen the triangular shape it makes, layer it to release weight. The Soft Curls style will accentuate the eyes and cheekbones of an oval face. And just to play down the density of the look a full balayage highlight will lighten up the face.

Oval faces can also sport edgy hairstyles with ease. The Voluminous Pompadour has plenty of vertical height in the front of the style. The volume itself makes the face look even slimmer. The Structured Undercut removes softness from the look and adds more angular features, yet it adds strength and structure to the face.


Oval Face: Most Versatile Face Shape for Any Hairstyle: Part One

Styles for Oval Faces Part One

Many experts say that the oval-shape face is the ideal form for balance in beauty. The oval face is longer than it is wide, your cheekbones are the widest part of your face, and your jaw is soft without any sharp angles or points. A wide variety of hairstyles are suited to this face shape. So women who believe they do not have this standard shape will go for hairstyles that will give the oval illusion. Hairstylists also do.

Celebrities with famous oval-shape faces are Jennifer Aniston and Charlize Theron. Aniston’s locks represent one of the best haircuts for an oval face; her hair has Long Layers that hang perfectly at the cheekbones; it’s longer in the back and shorter in the front. Shoulder-Length Loose Waves and Long Waves are always flattering. The first style falls gently on or around the shoulders; not be too long or it will drag the face down. The second style is longer and softly layered to counter the heaviness; it can also be styled swept away from the face to show the cheekbones.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs, which have shorter pieces above the eyes and gradual longer lengths toward the outer eyebrows, compliment oval faces. Any style curtain bangs – deep side, middle, and sideswept – work well.

The Polished Pixie is an oval face enhancer. All facial features are on display, cheekbones are lifted, and jawline, chin, and forehead remain delicate. To add shine and control the fringe, adding pomade is recommended. The Grown-Out Edgy Pixie is a gutsy, sophisticated blend of a pixie that has grown out and with choppy layers. Accessorizing it can be fun.


Array of Style Options for Oval Faces in Bellevue

Whatever your face shape, Geena’s hair salon in Bellevue has the popular options that can flatter any face shape. They also have some creative tips to better maintain your new hairdo.