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Colors of Spring On Your Hair: 2020 Hot Trends

Top Color Trends To Stand Out

It’s 2020 spring! Are you looking into a whole new look in hair color? Is the natural-looking and low-maintenance shade for you, or are you into the bold and dramatic? Spring 2020 hair color trends are some of the prettiest and so inspirational you’ll be visiting your stylist in no time.

The Sunset Blonde color allows you to avoid taking big risks. It’s pretty and very refreshing. Blondes are a natural for this trend, though if you’re a darker base, a few more salon visits can make wonders.

Neon Tips are for those who do not like to commit to a high-maintenance upkeep. You can just ask your hair colorist to dip your ends in a bright hue of your choice. It’s an easy trend that can make a huge difference to your look.

Silver Hair color is still going strong despite some warm hair color trends seen lately. This color might be risky to pull off, but it will certainly make you stand out amongst the honey blondes and chocolate browns.

The Raspberry Bourbon hair is a unique dye color which will not have you to commit to frequent salon trips. It’s beautifully somewhere in-between red and brown.

The Tweed Hair is one of the year’s biggest color trends, rivaling balayage. The technique to achieve it is more intricate, reminds of sewing. It is also more natural-looking than classic balayage.

High Contrast Color is achieved by dyeing one piece of hair in a contrasting color, such as silver versus the rest of the hair which is black. It can refresh your current color and not risk you damage.

Pastels provide an array of beautiful soft dye jobs for spring, especially if you have a light base, you’re the perfect candidate for a pastel hair color.

Jewel Tones such as electric tones of purple, blue and green are also big hair color trends for 2020. You can opt for a soft, pastel dye or a neon hair color.


Making Hair Statements this Spring at our Bellevue Hair Salon

Make a statement this spring by way of a new updo and matching spring trending hair color.

You’ll Know It’s Spring Because of These Trending Haircuts

The Top 3 Trending Haircuts For Spring

Around March or April, you’ll feel the warm breeze tousling your hair about your face, and you realize that spring is here. It’s time for a new haircut. So here are the biggest trends in haircuts (and colors, too) for inspiration this 2020.

The Blunt Lob

The long bob (or lob) is trending this spring. Though the chin-skimming bob is a forever classic, this version shows us the power of a mid-length cut, executed in a blunt, un-layered manner. Goes well with beachy highlights. The best thing about a clean-cut lob is that there are many style options. Like the one with lived-in waves with ombré rose gold color. Or the curly hair achieved with a good stylist to work on the weighted lines and blunt shape of your natural texture.

The Frenchy Fringe

The French girl fringe is often paired with long length. The most requested is the brow-skimming fringe with long extensions. If you like low maintenance, the clip-in piecey bangs work well, too. If your locks are the soft, air-dried curls, feathery fringe compliments best.

The Modern Shag

If you’re daring, a new shape haircut is drawing inspiration from the mullet. The mullet is a hairstyle in which the hair is cut short at the front and sides, but left long at the back, usually on men. However, more and more women are asking about a mullet-style cut. L.A. and NYC trendsetters are liking this style inspired by the shaggy styles worn by Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez.

The general styling focus should be on creating a frame around the face, layering shorter pieces in the front, and going longer in the back. This particular cut, infused with layers, can work on any hair texture. However, curls in particular create the coolest movement when going for the ’70s look.


Having a Seasonal Change in Bellevue

Whatever your hair texture, length, and color, there’s a trending hairstyle for you this season of spring.

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2020 Spring Hairstyle Trends

Easy To Duplicate Spring Hairdos

Are you looking through the pages of a spring hair trend report? After a minute or so of flipping, nothing strikes you. It dampens you. But really, one particular look catches your eye. You’ll find yourself saying, “I love her hair!” Actually, the 2020 spring trends can be generally described as looks that you can relate to and aspire to. These hairstyles will speak to you and will give you that 2020 vibe.

The Deep Side Part. It’s refreshing and impactful. All you have to do is change where you part your hair. Actually, the deeper the side part, the chicer the result. Deep parting hair provides any haircut instant volume. So get this look that will certainly deliver that ’70s-inspired fullness without the shag haircut.

That ’90s Updo. This is a modern throwback of the 90’s updo. It’s simply called the 90’s updo. It’s all about piling the hair up on top of the head, and then pulling out two pieces at the hairline that will frame the face. The style gives an effortless feel. It’s quite like hair after your bubble bath. The few strands pulled out makes the whole look feel sexy and sophisticated without trying too hard.

The Glass Shine. This is the almost-lacquered finish that’s trending this season. The glass-blonde color trend is but natural to spill over into a style report. If you’re liking to copy the look, go for an in-salon gloss. If not, a leave-in oil works great as well.

The Modern Pigtails. Pigtails are a very surprising hair trend that we see for this spring – but it’s a new take on pigtails. The bubble pigtails created a sensation at Milan Fashion Week, then a French-braided version appeared on movie star Hilary Duff. It’s looking like the modern pigtails will be huge at Coachella 2020.

The Single Barrette. This is about the accessory that is clipped to the hair and gives your locks a style that trends. The single barrette – with crystals, pearls, rhinestones, shiny beads, dazzling sparklers, or other, are highlights to any modern updo. It’s trendy and very “Insta-worthy.” And it’s here for spring.

Find your inspiration in any one of these five trendy spring hairstyle offerings.


Spring Picks for You in Bellevue

Get into the spring season with new, refreshing hairstyles that Geena Moon’s hair salon offers. You can’t go wrong with any of the trends shared.

Amazing Aloe Vera: A Hair Care System Must-Have

Hair Benefits From a Plant

Aloe vera has been used for centuries and is currently more popular than ever. The plant has been used as a flavoring in foods and in food supplements, herbal remedies and in cosmetics. Studies report of its beneficial effects because of its antioxidant and possible antimicrobial properties. It’s been studied for teeth and gums, constipation, and foot ulcers, It’s said that it can offer protection from ultraviolet irradiation, skin damage after radiation therapy, and wounds from second-degree burns.

Aloe vera for hair care has always been talked about. And with good reason. The plant is rich in vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids – great ingredients for hair. It is high in water content and a pH similar to hair’s natural pH level. Also, aloe vera has a chemical make up similar to that of keratin, rejuvenating the hair with its own nutrients, giving it more elasticity and preventing breakage.

Hence, where hair is concerned, aloe vera provides these amazing benefits.

  • Aloe vera calms inflammation and protects. It is naturally anti-inflammatory due to its fatty-acids. It forms a protective layer on the scalp and hair which keeps them safe from pollution and dust.
  • Aloe vera strengthens and repairs. It contains vitamins A, C, E, and B-12 which provide healthy hair cell growth. It also has a high collagen content which strengthens the hair shaft to prevent breakage.
  • Aloe vera cleanses. It is an effective cleanser by removing oil and residue from hair follicles. Because it’s a plant, it doesn’t harm the hair while cleansing it, unlike what chemicals do.
  • Aloe vera conditions. With its high moisture content, it keeps hair hydrated – making hair is healthier, brighter and softer hair – giving hair the conditioning needed.
  • Aloe vera nourishes. This is because of the high mineral content of the plant. Some of these minerals are calcium, magnesium, zinc, chromium, selenium, sodium, iron, potassium, copper, and manganese.


With aloe vera’s amazing benefits, no wonder it should be part of any one’s hair care routine. Does your hair product contain aloe vera?

Getting Your Aloe Vera Fix in Bellevue

Here at Geena Moon’s, we use certified organic aloe vera gel for hair. Geena uses Loma Aloemoist Complex as one of the naturally inspired, organically infused hair care system of Loma products.

Want To Grow Out Your Hair? Tips To Grow It Faster

How to Grow Your Hair Faster

Are you giving up just waiting for your hair to grow out? Before you go for the shears, top experts are recommending that you follow these tips to fast track your hair growth.
Study a bit about normal hair growth. About half an inch a month is the average rate hair grows, with some that grow faster than average and some slower. Many factors influence hair growth – hormones, stress, genetics and aging, and that’s why there are different rates at different times.

Avoid damage and breakage.

Expect you may break off strands as you grow your hair, so be careful. Avoid the hot tools you used to use, like blow dryers, irons, heating curlers and the like. Skip tight ponytails and buns that can pull hair out around your hairline over time. Use masks and conditioning treatments to keep your hair well-hydrated.
Go easy on hair supplements. Vitamins and supplements may help with hair growth only if you are actually deficient in those nutrients, otherwise, there is not much benefit from them. Nonetheless, the most important vitamins and nutrients for healthy hair are the B vitamins, especially biotin, as well as zinc and iron.

Stay on a healthy hair diet.

If your diet is imbalanced and there are deficiencies, then hair growth can suffer. Eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of leafy greens, varied vegetables, whole grains, nuts and lean meats. Meat and shellfish are a great source of zinc, and biotin can be found in eggs, meats, nuts, avocado, sweet potato and dairy. Supplements can help restore healthy hair if its growth is affected by dietary imbalance, stress or illness.

Wash hair the right way.

Cleanse your hair a couple of times a week or more depending on your hair and scalp type. But how and when you wash your hair makes a major difference. An inflamed, irritated, or damaged scalp can disrupt the signaling in the follicles, in turn changing the health of the hair cycle and potentially leading to reduced growth and/or hair cycle dysfunction. Scalp inflammation is caused by dry shampoo and other styling products. Regular use of dry shampoo as a substitute for a real wash causes buildup of silicones from conditioners, hairsprays and styling products. Regularly cleanse with gentle, sulfate-free cleansers to keep the scalp in good health. Also, if your shampoo has anti-inflammatory agents like rosemary oil and salicylic acid from willow can dampen inflammation.

Do deep conditioning regularly.

Once weekly deep conditioning prevents breakage and split ends. Ingredients – hydrolyzed keratin, wheat protein, hydrating oils like baobab and flaxseed – buildup and repair hair. Avoid silicones (or dimethicone) even as they make hair shiny, but actually coat hair and make it heavy, leading to build up and that prevents moisture penetration, leaving hair brittle and prone to break. Use a deep conditioner that can be left in overnight especially if you color, chemically treat, regularly heat style your hair, or expose it to the sun, hair fibers become weaker. Hydrated hair is more elastic, more protected and less prone to breakage. That way you can keep it long and strong.

Get a trim.

Getting a haircut won’t actually make your hair grow faster, but regular trims do help maintain growth. Dead ends make the hair appear shorter so for anyone who wants their hair to be longer, regular trims are always a good idea.

Be wise when you brush.

Be careful when brushing your hair while it’s wet. It’s vulnerable to break. Better not brush, instead, detangle your hair before you shower with a wide tooth comb, and then brush it again once it’s at least partially dried. Use a good detangling brush with cushioned bristles made with natural ingredients such as wood and boar bristles that are gentler on your hair.
Sleep on silk. Sleep on a silk pillowcase, rather than on cotton. Silk doesn’t catch and pull on your hair; also it won’t draw out moisture like cotton would. Likewise, don’t use poor quality hair ties that can also damage hair. Opt for spiral plastic ties, those without seams Avoid metal clasps that can catch and break hair.


More Tips on Hair Care in Bellevue

Here at Geena Moon’s hair salon in Bellevue, we just don’t give you suggestions for great styles, colors and trends, but amazing tips as well for healthy and gorgeous locks that turn heads. See us for a consultation.

Keeping Your Hair Absolutely Gorgeous In Winter

Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter weather is harsh on all hair textures and types. When it comes around, your hair will demand all the attention you can give. The lack of humidity and the imbalance in temperature can make your hair dry, frizzy and unmanageable. It’s the season of dryness, and that makes winter hair care not so easy. Hair in winter tends to be unruly; detangling dry hair can lead to breakage and reduced volume. Hair dryers and straighteners add up dryness and make the hair condition even worse.

Here are some wonderful winter hair care tips you can do to combat the cold debacle and maintain gorgeous hair.

Trim your hair regularly. Have a trim every 4 to 8 weeks to maintain hair health and keep your looks looking fresh. To reduce the chances of developing dry, split ends, chop off half inch off the bottom.

Shower using low temperature water. Wash your hair with lukewarm water as hot water can zap moisture from your hair making it brittle and more vulnerable to breaking. Follow-up with a cool rinse.

Air dry, not blow dry your hair. Blow drying zaps moisture out of your hair increasing the risk of breakage, while drying without heat helps keep hair shiny and healthy. Embrace your natural hair and air-dry whenever possible. Hair is already delicate in the colder months, so heat styling exacerbates the issue. During winter, avoid straightening or curling your hair, rather, use this time to explore new styles.

Don’t go out with wet hair. Wet hair is more vulnerable to damage so walking outside in winter with a wet head can cause hair to freeze and break. Make sure to use a hat to cover your hair when outside to shield it from the moisture-robbing dry air, snow, wind, and rain. Wool, cotton, and other fabrics can cause breakage as well, so make sure to line your hat with silk or satin. Prevent static electricity under your hat by using a dry oil spray.

Use an oil treatment, a deep conditioning, or a hair mask. A lightweight leave-in formula with argan oil instantly revitalizes dry, damaged hair; daily nourish hair ends with the oil to help replenish moisture. Deep condition once a week. Do weekly face masks that can reverse the effects of dryness as hair masks are packed with lots of hair health benefits like softening, hydrating and adding shine. They’re effective in under 20-minutes. Also avoid hair washing every day.

Source: One, Two

Winter Hairstyles That are Cooler Than Winter

Trending Hairstyles for Winter

Don’t you notice your hair behaving differently in winter time? Whatever hair type or texture you have, there’s no denying that your strands behave differently based on the season. Since it’s now cold and wet outside, a change of hairstyle can do a lot of good. Here are what some expert stylists say about the best winter hairstyles.

The Classic Bob. While it’s popular all year-round, it’s especially choice come winter time. The bob is quick and easy to style anytime, anywhere. It’s very versatile, especially best for those with fine to medium hair. With thicker hair, the bob may be too risky. A classic bob should hit about mid-neck.

The Textured Curls. Your natural curls are a winter hairstyle, however, if not properly cared for the dry indoor heat inside coupled with the cold, dry weather outside can take a toll on your hair. The combination can rob your strands of moisture and shine. Your curls do not require daily shampooing and blow-drying. Just refresh your curls in between washes with a hydrating, curl-reviving product. It’s not going to mess up even if you wear a hat, scarf, or earmuffs.

The Clavicut. It’s one of the best winter hairstyles for those who have long hair. If you’re not ready to try short, you can have a cut and a trim just right below the collarbone. At least you’ve removed those old dry ends that are static and nasty. You’ll have less hair to blow dry and still be ultra-versatile. You can wear it down, either straight or with texture, but also long enough to pull up. Before using your inter hat, run a little bit of a styling cream or oil through the visible lengths to add polish and tamp down fly-aways.

The Fringe. Winter time is a great opportunity to add bangs. Summer isn’t always the best time for bangs as sweat and oil are pretty excessive for the hair around this time. Choose your style from the many types to try, from heavy, full-on bangs to something more face-framing. Consider your face shape and hair density for the most appropriate one.

The Pixie. They are a very striking style for winter. They’re easy and care-free, with no worries about dry ends. They can create the illusion of texture and thickness for fine hair. Accessorize your hair with endless choices of clips, ribbons, pins, others. However, pixie cuts come in different variations so be sure to bring a picture of the variety you want to show your stylist.


Having Your Winter Do in Bellevue

Are you ready to take the plunge for a new hairstyle for winter? Come by Geena Moon’s hair salon in downtown Bellevue and see if any of her top five trends suits you.

The Top Hairstyle Trends in 2020

Hairdos and Hairstyles To Expect

2020 is the new year and the new decade. Here are the 7 haircuts will define the coming year according to top hair stylists.

The Long Bangs will be everywhere in the coming year. If you already have bangs, getting the look is going to be a cinch. Using more dry shampoo is recommended , as the front pieces can be easily damaged from overuse of hot styling tools.

The Uneven Blunt Bob is easy and chic. It’s a take on the traditional bob and the perfect style for anyone looking to chop off a few inches while still looking free and casual. It’s an edgier version of the timeless style of the bob, The uneven ends add more dimension to the face and create more movement.

The Messy Updo combines untamed and wild with sleek and put together. Updos are always popular, but this is the perfect in-between for casual and dressed up, It’s a style similar to a topknot but reinvented with face-framing long layers, an easy look whether hair is freshly washed or dirty.

The Pulled-back Texture is not that slicked-back, Kardashian-style hair that was so big in 2019. Skip the smoothing prep work before putting your hair up. 2020 calls for texture, so think cornrows and twists pulled back for an effortless, swept-up look.

The Glossy Beach Waves are going to be everywhere in 2020. Keep the beach waves, but hold the texture. A high gloss with your beach waves will let the color really glow. Be sure to add extra shine to get that red carpet-ready look.

The Messy Ponytail is on the comeback. It’s easy to pull together in minutes by just brushing all of your hair into a mid-level pony. Then brush the ends with a round brush for an effortless, cool style that will last the day. Also wrap a strand of hair around the ponytail holder for a more polished look.

Jewelry-like hair accessories such as traditional jewelry metals keep hair chic and polished. Go bold with silver or gold, with or without gemstones. Pair a statement piece or stack-pin back one side of any center-part style. To keep the ends healthy, use some hair nourishment serum to help seal split ends.


New Hairstyle at Geena Hair Salon

If you’re ready for 2020, then come over at Geena Moon’s hair salon in Bellevue. Leave it to us to get you all prep up for the new decade with any of the top trending styles everyone is talking about.

Great Hairstyles for Women at Any Age

Styles That Defy Age

Want to change your look and wondering if a visit to your dermatologist would be the road to looking young and fresh? Maybe you should try your hairdresser first. Here are some of the most current hairstyles that cuts your age significantly without too much ado or expense.

The shoulder-length cut is a favorite of celebrities. It’s super customizable to the shape of your face. Because it’s shoulder-skimming, it flatters your décolletage and gently frames your face. It creates the illusion of thicker, fuller hair, which is incredibly youth-boosting. Fewer layers and breaking up the blunt outline with some freehand cutting keeps it fresh and modern.

The right bangs can take years off your appearance. But too short bangs can actually draw more attention to your fine lines. To draw attention to the eyes, a full, blunt fringe can be dramatic; it will hide lines and can completely frame your face. For long or oval face shape, a softer gradient is better. Fringes that curve around and frame the cheekbones will give contour and lift.

Try a center part that may not be exactly center which can look too perfect and unnatural. Instead, aim for just a bit off to the left or right – wherever your natural part lies.Your hair can sit extremely flat if you’ve had your part in the same place for a long while, and it can make you look older. Try your part at a diagonal angle rather than straight allowing the hair to fall down in a new position.

Go for a bob, as shorter hair gives a more confident and youthful look. The modern bob has a defined outline that sits around the jawline framing your face and directing the eyes towards your best features. Textured layers and a choppy fringe just above your eyebrows create even more of a playful feeling.

Try the the Pixie cut. The short and funky cuts are great on women at any age, but one must have the confidence to pull off this attention-grabbing style. For pixie styles, good use of a molding paste or wax can mean the difference between awesome hair and otherwise. Without it, your hairstyle could fall flat or billow from your head in frizzy puffs.

The layered hair is controversial. Too much and you can look dated. Too short can instantly make a haircut look old-fashioned due to its rounded shape. The right kind of layers can add body and fullness to limp hair. If you like layers due to the volume or texture they create, keep them long, and have the weight removed using slicing or razoring techniques that will create a more, natural graduated effect.


What are You Looking For in a Great Stylist?

Looking for a Hairstylist?

If you have been going to the same hairstylist all this time you might be quite happy with their services. But if you are still on the lookout for that elusive great stylist, see if they have the following important traits.

A great stylist has a knack for listening. They will treat you more than just a client, acting like a therapist to you. If you are the type of client who shares your drama, likes and dislikes to your stylist, They will really pay attention to you. More importantly, a great stylist will always ask your wants and make clear with you exactly what you came to her parlor for. There is a clear understanding between the two of you.

They can make your visions come true. A successful hairstylist stays on top of the latest trends and has the skill to integrate them into her clients’ personal style. However, this stylist also has elevated taste and a sharp eye for design to be able to set a few trends of her own. At the end of the day, it’s important that they can not only create a vision, but execute it as well.

They are honest and will not fear to recommend styles though you are still the decision-maker. They must be able to tactfully help you choose a style. They also understand how a hairstyle will work and wear in the long run and can identify whether it’s a good fit for you. The stylist should knows you’ll be happy when you step out of their salon, and still be thrilled with your look one month later. Your stylist is also open about how much the procedure you want will cost, and any other add-on treatment required or suggested. An unfriendly, unexpected cost on the bill may ruin a relationship.

A great stylist has impressive technical skills. Your stylist’s technical knowledge are drawn from education and training, lots of practice and in some cases, plus a natural knack for styling. They are also great with their hands and even on their feet with their energy and stamina while they works. You’ll know if they’re adept with her tools and is familiar with different styles and techniques.

Adaptability in a great stylist is crucial. An excellent stylist is unfazed by changing trends, new tools, or client wishes that seem outrageous. A great stylist is confident with their creativity, vision, and skills, no matter what pops up. In the end, a stellar result and a happy client.


Personal Hair Stylist in Bellevue

Are you still in search of the hair stylist? Then look no further than at Geena Moon’s hair salon in Bellevue. We’ve been serving many satisfied clients in this part of Bellevue for so many years.

Hairstyles That Can Make You Look Older

And Hair Ideas for a Younger You

Here are some hairstyles that might make you look older than you really are. Consider changing to look refreshed.

You’re keeping the same hairstyle for years. It’s one of the biggest mistakes to think that you look your best with that hairstyle so you’re never changing it. Let go of the old version and try something new. Opt for a refreshed hairdo that is age appropriate, not too old-fashioned, not too trendy. Current is better.

Scrimping on haircuts. You are growing your hair so long it makes you look old. Let it go and leave that for teenagers. As you get older, have frequent haircuts to keep the strands looking fresh and healthy and give your style the necessary shape. A layered cut or shorter hair is an anti-aging hair care tip.

Sporting the wrong length. If your hair is of the wrong length it can drag down your overall appearance, easily aging your face. Add volume by cutting long layers around the face to accentuate your features. Avoid “flat” styles that can look undone. Refer to the best haircuts for your face shape as a guide.

You’re parting your hair the wrong way. The wrong hair part can age you significantly. You can look younger by just changing where you part your hair. A middle part isn’t right for every face so see where your hair naturally falls. For some facial shapes, an irregular part can be more flattering.

Opting for overly dramatic hair color. Skip the darkest or lightest shades, which can drain your skin tone. Opt for a good middle ground, like softer shades that add dimension and give off the appearance of young, radiant hair.

Going for too dark shades. Darkness around your face can make you feel and look older and it enhances fine lines and wrinkles. It’s common to use dark colors to fix grey hair. As we age, we want softness around the face. Lighter, multi-tonal shades help to blend greys as they start to grow back in.

You’re using too much volume. Volume is alright but you need to find balance. Don’t over-tease and add unnecessary hairspray because they can drastically age your face. You can use volumizing shampoo that’s recommended and try some blow-drying tips.


Make an Appointment with Geena

Do you think you are ready to adapt to change? Then come and drop by Geena’s hair salon in Bellevue this side of Bellevue and be amazed at a younger you.

Summer Hairstyles You Won’t Regret

Great Hairstyles Without Losing Hair

When it’s summer more people think haircuts. It is obvious, very logical, to rush to your favorite salon for that trim or chop you think you need to survive summer. However, some people still want to hold on to their locks and for a valid reason will not give in to the urge to cut. Here are some great ideas to look great and new in this weather.

The Messy Updo

It’s the low-key hairstyle that Hollywood loves, perfect for any warm weather occasion. You might want to spend your time indoors or opt for outdoor excursions, this undone and not-so-perfect look is just as stylish. Hair pulled back and pinned or bunned, with some wispy strands blowing around, is Hollywood-perfect. Pair that with a summer, or dressy, nighttime or daytime wear, and you’ll surely turn heads.

The French Braid with Pizzazz

The ordinary French braid can look smashingly summer with ribbon pin-ins of a pastel color. Just don’t forget the wispy strands by the ears to look more natural and laid back. You can stay relevant way until August looking so.

The Headband

Is a statement any way you look at it. Girls wear them in the hair or around the forehead, usually to hold hair away from the face or eyes, but definitely making a statement. Colorful plain or printed, headbands come in soft cloth, sometimes a loop of elastic material or a horseshoe-shaped piece of flexible plastic or metal. These accessories are really making a strong presence this year.

Extra-long Braids

You want to keep those long locks and yet make them behave in style? Then braids are the way. Braids will always make for a classic style, especially during warmer weather. Working at the office or planning for a date night, the polished, three-strand braid is absolutely inspirational. And what’s better than one braid? Two long pigtail braids, one spilling over each shoulder is the way to go.


Keeping Your Locks in Bellevue

No problem with us at Geena Moon’s hair salon if you want to keep your long length. Leave it to us to style you for the summer. In fact, we’ll show a couple of tricks on how to wear your long hair and still look stylish.

Spring Haircuts Rocking Instagram Now

Hairstyles Trending for Spring

On Instagram this spring, we see a lot of low-maintenance haircuts that are also fun and fresh. The styles are also easy to have and light to maintain.

The long, wispy bangs. Very Brigitte Bardot, very 70s, cool and tousled styles that concentrate more on the fringes. It suits any hair length, but the bangs start in the middle of the eyebrows, and softly fall below the cheekbones on both sides of the face. Even if hair is curly, the bangs should fall around the face giving it dimension. You can also sport heavy Bardot bangs, giving yourself a new attitude.

Feathered layered look. The haircut with many flattering variations. If hair is thin and fine, choppy feathering adds soft body and texture. If hair is long, the the haircut can help open up the face subtly, without sacrificing length. The feathered layer give movement and body to a long cut that might feel flat and heavy. For curly hair, longer layers laddering up to the cheekbones will let the curls bounce around the face.

The blunt A-Line bob. Very structured and to the point, this jawline cut is very blunt but has a fresh look of spring to it. The cut of the bob is somewhere between the bottom of the ear and below the chin. The bluntness must be with a slight A-line angle – from the back toward the front. allowing for an even grow out, because the back grows a bit faster. If body and texture is more desirable for the blunt cut, say for curly or wavy strands, one can ask the stylist for invisible internal layers, which can be pulled into a deep side part for fullness.

The curly shag. It’s mid-length and layered with a heavy bang, soon to become popular. It’s all about the shorter shag with a heavy fringe to give the look a fuller feel. The bigger the curls, the better. For bouncier curls, a curl styling cream on damp hair can be used. Then diffuse it until it’s dry and full of body. If the ringlets and waves are falling flat, use texturizing spray or dry shampoo for some extra body.


Getting Ready for Spring in Bellevue

As spring is upon us, it’s time to think new hairstyle. There is no shortage of styles to choose from. Just looking inside Instagram, you’ll find just the cut to suit you. Visit us soon at Geena Moon in Bellevue and see what we could do for your locks.

Sporting Short Hair in 2019

Choosing The Best Short Hairstyles

Considering the short hairstyle for your next chop?
That’s great because. Consider here some of the more popular ladies’ choices and that surely you’ll love.

The round bob are glamorous bobs of the roaring ’20s and aren’t going out of style. The sleek bob style can make even thin, fine hair appear super lush and thick.

The blunt cut, with the same length all around, helps to eliminate straggly strands and gives fine hair the illusion of volume and body thanks to the uniform blocky ends.

The shoulder-length trim showcases texture. Kinky curls look and feel super healthy. Natural hair is always in style.

The wavy bob are for those who are obsessed with chin-length tresses but don’t want to flat-iron their hair regularly. This style is low-maintenance; just spritz hair with some sea salt spray and scrunch.

The textured, piecey lob is a grown-out bob that does not sacrifice length. It’s playful and allows one to put up the hair in a pony if need be. The angled lob is a dramatic statement that’s always head-turning.

The pixie cut is cropped on the sides and voluminous up top. For a naturally tousled look, run some light texturing mousse with the fingers through the top.

The asymmetrical textured bob is for those who can’t decide to go shorter or keep the length. Mismatched lengths, whether stick-straight or wavy asymmetrical bobs always look flawless.

The curly bangs tend to be a bit more maintenance-prone, but they can really flatter the face shape, add dimension, and soften a look.

This vintage cut provides smooth layers, an ear tuck, and flared ends, ala Audrey Hepburn.

The grown-out feminine pixie cut are for those who are scared of super short hair, but it still holds the pixie shape, strands are wispy, free, and lived-in. It hardly needs brushing.

Side-swept bangs give a fresh take on the lob with a shaggy chop paired with side-swept bangs. Textured layers can be added for lift and volume while side-sweeping bangs soften the look.


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Getting Rid of Split Ends

Causes and Cures of Split Ends

We know that human hair is made up mostly of keratin. Keratin is a fibrous protein that is the main structure of hair. It protects hair and keeps it healthy. However, it’s very fragile and prone to damage, usually splitting. Split ends occur when the hair is damaged for whatever reason, and the reasons are many. Lack of moisture is the main cause behind split ends.

Using heat on your hair can make it prone to split ends. Chemicals on the hair such as bleach dries out hair and puts strain on the follicles. Over-washing can also contribute to split ends as it can strip hair of its natural oils, which keeps hair healthy and hydrated. If you have central heating, which causes dryness, that too, can cause split ends though not in a direct manner.

Can split ends be treated? Yes, of course. the best way your hair doesn’t end up dry and full of split ends is by taking care of your hair.

Regularly using hot tools, like straightening irons, curling irons, heating brushes and hairdryers, and not using any heat protective spray is asking for hair damage. Heat protective sprays will afford protection to hair strands while you are drying them. There are blow dry sprays, both for colored hair and for reconstructing super damaged hair. There are also specific sprays to keep hair ends from splitting when using straighteners and curlers. Also use heat-protect sprays for UV protection which protect hair against the harmful sun’s rays.

Use damage control shampoo plus conditioners that work well with you. They can help prevent and repair damage to the hair follicle.

The best way, of course, in getting rid of split ends is to cut them off. If you are prone to split ends, timely visits to your salon can keep them at bay. Have a healthy trim every now and then. Still, care for your hair where heating tools are concerned, use of heat protective products, and avoiding too much sun exposure are the way to go in preventive measure.

Battling Split Ends in Bellevue

Learn more about how you can deal with split ends. Get a trim from time to time, but also know how to manage the cause of your split ends. Geena has a few tricks up our sleeve for that.

2019 Winter Hair Colors That Rock

Five of the Trendiest Winter Hair Colors

This winter’s hair color trends are so gorgeous it would be a waste to hide them under your beanie. Whatever your hair color now, be it platinum blonde or brunette, update to these new shades and rock winter this year. There are five just must-try colors.

Grown-out roots color is now officially one of winter’s biggest hair color trends. They actually look good. You see these blended or “shadow” roots working well for both brunettes and blondes. The key is to get highlights that aren’t far from your natural base color so that there isn’t too much of a contrast once they’re grown out. There isn’t much demarcation. Blend soft, subtle, shades delicately and build up the highlight so it looks natural. It may take several sessions to get this look.

Flannel red is the name of one of this winter’s trendiest hair colors. The look is perfect for blondes who want to usher in the cold weather by warming up their hair color. The only caution here is that dyed-red hair fades faster than any other color. Use a good conditioner to preserve the shade.

‘Cold brew’ brunette is the fall color trend still going strong this season. It’s luscious, opulent, and a perfect winter hair color. The look is achieved by painting subtle highlights on the ends of your hair, which will warm up any skin tone.

Creamy blonde is for those who are tired of the high maintenance of being platinum. This multi-dimensional look has roots from the natural base color while the rest of the hair has layers of baby blonde. It’s more buttery, yet very bright, and not monotone like most platinum blondes.

Rich brunette colors like warm chestnut are very popular during winter months. Deep and rich colors are called for when temperatures dip. This brunette shade makes hair look glossy and healthier without adding highlights to base color. Use a sulfate-free shampoo to keep the color from getting brassy and not dry out hair.

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Styling Tips for Thin Hair: Pumping Up the Volume

Tricking the Eye is The Key

Styling thin hair poses challenge. Creating volume where there is none is no easy task. You have tried everything – teasing, blow-drying, spraying – but they don’t hold up. Well, here are some tips to lift your hopes that it’s still possible to have thin hair with a lot of volume.

First, let’s talk about what you’ll need. Every girl with thin hair should have these easy tools to work with her hair. These are dry shampoo and volumizing powder, thickening mousse, dry texturising spray and a hairspray that gives volume as well as staying power. Dry shampoo as a finishing spray is the most important. Spray versions are best for a softer finish, compared to powders that have a stronger hold for more buildable volume. Remember to not overdo it, as too much styling product can make hair look flat

There are hair cuts for fine hair. Super long hair that’s also fine is not so cool together, however, you can make it appear thicker with well-cut layers. Best length is nothing much further than the shoulder. If you’re daring enough, you can go shorter for the full effect. The angled lob or a choppy bob with tousled ends works well with thin hair.

What hairstyles do you choose when you sport thin hair. Actually, anything that makes the hair appear thicker is alright, experts say. Examples are half ups with some back combing. Here are some tips to go.

On damp hair, spritz a salt spray or thickening foam at the roots and comb through before blow-drying for added volume and texture.

Without using a brush, you can add volume to thin hair. For a longer, fuller look, hand-dry and air-dry hair to keep the cuticle layer open. Flip your head upside down and from side to side and blast hair in the opposite direction – this will boost volume. Once hand-dried with root lift, twirl the hair away from the face in four large sections while drying. This adds wave and body to the hair.

Use spritz and tong. If you prefer an undone look, spray with dry shampoo. If you prefer a slightly more polished look, finish with a large barrel tong and only wind random pieces away from the face. Irregular texture is a great way of fooling the eye into thinking there’s more hair.

Don’t give up on fringes. Fringes that are longer, grazing the cheekbones, are best suited to thin hair. Structured hairstyle takes away from the bulk of the hair and not suited for fine hair.


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