Styling Tips for Thin Hair: Pumping Up the Volume

Tricking the Eye is The Key

Styling thin hair poses challenge. Creating volume where there is none is no easy task. You have tried everything – teasing, blow-drying, spraying – but they don’t hold up. Well, here are some tips to lift your hopes that it’s still possible to have thin hair with a lot of volume.

First, let’s talk about what you’ll need. Every girl with thin hair should have these easy tools to work with her hair. These are dry shampoo and volumizing powder, thickening mousse, dry texturising spray and a hairspray that gives volume as well as staying power. Dry shampoo as a finishing spray is the most important. Spray versions are best for a softer finish, compared to powders that have a stronger hold for more buildable volume. Remember to not overdo it, as too much styling product can make hair look flat

There are hair cuts for fine hair. Super long hair that’s also fine is not so cool together, however, you can make it appear thicker with well-cut layers. Best length is nothing much further than the shoulder. If you’re daring enough, you can go shorter for the full effect. The angled lob or a choppy bob with tousled ends works well with thin hair.

What hairstyles do you choose when you sport thin hair. Actually, anything that makes the hair appear thicker is alright, experts say. Examples are half ups with some back combing. Here are some tips to go.

On damp hair, spritz a salt spray or thickening foam at the roots and comb through before blow-drying for added volume and texture.

Without using a brush, you can add volume to thin hair. For a longer, fuller look, hand-dry and air-dry hair to keep the cuticle layer open. Flip your head upside down and from side to side and blast hair in the opposite direction – this will boost volume. Once hand-dried with root lift, twirl the hair away from the face in four large sections while drying. This adds wave and body to the hair.

Use spritz and tong. If you prefer an undone look, spray with dry shampoo. If you prefer a slightly more polished look, finish with a large barrel tong and only wind random pieces away from the face. Irregular texture is a great way of fooling the eye into thinking there’s more hair.

Don’t give up on fringes. Fringes that are longer, grazing the cheekbones, are best suited to thin hair. Structured hairstyle takes away from the bulk of the hair and not suited for fine hair.


Transforming Thin Hair to Gorgeous in Bellevue

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